News for Saturday, April 27, 2002



Sailors dish out plenty of love

In tennis, love isn't good unless you're the one dishing it out, and several members of the Steamboat Springs girls' tennis team had plenty of it to pass around Saturday.

Bullish on ranching

Family raises prize Herefords on small spread in South Routt

Ask Dan Craig what the best day of his life was, and he doesn't hesitate. It was the day he sold D.K. Monument L1 109 for $6,000.

Party 'til the break of dawn

Organizers, students look forward to fun, safe after-prom

Cindy Carlson said planning the decorations for the Steamboat Springs High School after-prom party has been a full-time job. Something, she said, is well worth it if students have a prom that is both memorable and safe.

New book offers advice for peddling passes

Managers of local bicycle shops say they are selling more road bikes than at anytime in the preceding 10 years.

City, softball group still in the game

If negotiations with Triple Crown Sports go as the city hopes, Steamboat won't be handing over a $75,000 check or using Emerald Park to support the sports tournaments.

Innovations in mountain biking

The almost magical disappearance of the snowpack this season promises a short mud season and an early mountain biking season. Cyclists will be grinding out ascents of Emerald Mountain and flying down Valley View from the top of Thunderhead, as soon as the wind and sun have completed their annual spring chores.

Real estate transactions

Real estate transactions for April 19-24, 2002


When a sport is defined by the shoe

If you've ever been in the market for a new pair of athletic shoes, the realization that sports stars and fashion mix like peanut butter and chocolate has, no doubt, hit you over the head like a ton of Reese's.

Waste Not, Want Not

Keeping your shoes clean can be a tough task along Steamboat's public trails

Anyone who has walked the local public trails lately knows one of Steamboat Springs' dirtiest spring problems has returned dog waste. Throughout the winter, dog owners don't clean up after Fido does his business. But the mess does not begin to decompose until spring. Once the snow is melted, piles and piles of the waste is revealed, making a messy and, at times, smelly situation.

Building permits

Building permits for April 15-19

Gregory R. Forbes

Redistricting reshapes commissioner race

Ken Brenner knew unseating Routt County Commissioner Dan Ellison would be a daunting task, but a mere 50 yards has eliminated the Steamboat Springs man from the race before a single vote can be cast.

Lacrosse team focuses on skills

Despite the inability to get a win, Bob Hiester said he and the Steamboat Springs boys lacrosse team had a productive weekend.


Passengers have to hike

The Moffat road is again tied up by a bad slide in Egeria canyon. Tuesday the earth began moving and is now piled high over the tracks. A general fear has been felt that this means a prolonged suspension of traffic. A similar slide at the same spot two years ago prevented trains from getting through for 27 days.

Trash or treasure?

A one-legged lady once walked into the ski area's lost and found and asked for a ski. No, it's not the beginning of a bad joke, just the start of one of the many far-out tales that trail the items left behind by tourists.


Penny Hamilton

Name: Penny Hamilton Age (optional): None of your business Occupations: Mocha Molly's manager, ski instructor, fitness instructor and dancer Place of birth: Mansfield, Victoria, Australia


The Women's Fellowship held its annual spring luncheon April 17 at the Parish Hall in the Congregational Church. As always, a large crowd enjoyed the yummy food.


Dear Bertha, Not until you asked for more information about my mother's family did I realize how much I didn't know about my mother's side of the family!

Playing through the pain

Sailor soccer players put long week behind them as they hold on to hope for league title

Forgive the players on the Steamboat Springs girls' soccer team if all they wanted to do was dive into a hot tub following their 6-3 victory over Palisade.