Letter: Mallard presents a slanted view


The content of the editorial pages of your daily newspaper is commendable. By selecting a wide range of national writers from different newspapers, you have created a fine sense of balance. The inclusion of hawkish conservatives like William Safire together with ardent liberals like Paul Krugman is a good illustration of that balance. And I enjoy the expression of different views from contributors like Helen Thomas, Jeff Jacoby and others.
However, there is one part of the editorial section that I find running contrary to the spirit of that balance. The one and only political cartoon contributor you have ever published in many years in those pages is Bruce Tinsley, the creator of "Mallard Fillmore." Why is that the only political cartoon contributor you find worthy is Mallard? Why, if you really appreciate varying political views, do you not at least offer other cartoonists either with, or in sequence to, Mallard? Tinsley's tiresomely repetitious themes, and his excessively right-wing agenda, should not be the exclusive political cartoon offering of your newspaper. I would appreciate hearing your explanation for running Mallard and nothing else.
John Whittum
Steamboat Springs


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