News for Sunday, September 16, 2001



Group improving lives of area children

Success of the Healthy Children Initiative 2001 celebrated

Many of the stories in the wake of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center highlight the heroic efforts of search and rescue crews working day and night to find victims trapped in the rubble.

Locals can get involved in relief efforts

Since the terrorist attack on the United States, Steamboat Springs residents have looked for ways they can become involved in relief efforts.

Events lead to lifestyle changes

Life is precious. We all were reminded of this simple fact last Tuesday. Suddenly, everything we took for granted had changed. We grieved for those who were directly affected by the attack.

School board to honor teacher

The Steamboat Springs School District Board of Education will honor one of its own educators and then recognize three Growth Commission members.

Forum on growth tonight

Event is one of three meetings to discuss issues

The first of three public forums on growth and resort issues will be held at 7 p.m. tonight at Olympian Hall.

Airport up and running

Airlines see drop in number of passengers

Flights at the Yampa Valley Regional Airport returned to a normal pattern over the weekend as many travelers coming to and leaving from Routt County finally found flights home after the shutdown of all flights in the United States. But reports say that air travel at the airport was down since the planes began landing again.

Two days that will live in infamy

Anyone who has witnessed Japanese torpedo bombers, bent on mayhem, roaring past so close they could make out the pilots' facial features, isn't about to forget that jaw-dropping image. Alta Jay was reminded of it just last week.