News for Sunday, October 28, 2001



Concern over tourism expressed

This just in from the front lines of tourism after all that has happened over the past seven weeks, people still don't get it. Security officials at Denver International Airport are confiscating an average of 90 pounds of knives and cutting instruments. That's not 90 pounds a month, or even a week. That's 90 pounds a day!

Vegetarians feel good about food choices

October is Vegetarian Awareness Month, shining the spotlight on people who have chosen diets that depend primarily or exclusively on plant products.

Post office takes precautions

Employees using preventive measures to combat threat of anthrax attack

A sign of the times can be found in the new option of the 800 number for the U.S. Postal Service's electronic information system. After choosing a language, the caller is asked to press 1 to hear the latest safety security measures the post office is taking.

7 arrested at DUI checkpoint

Sobriety station set up to curb drinking and driving

Seven drivers under the influence of alcohol were arrested on Saturday night in a sobriety checkpoint on U.S. 40.