News for Sunday, October 21, 2001



Charter school officially opens

Ribbon-cutting ceremony marks beginning of new era

The willow tree in front of the Old Clark School is perfect for climbing. Its gnarly branches connect to the trunk at ground level, tempting children and adults to take a climb. When Bill Fetcher went to the country school in the early '50s, he said the willow was known as the monkey tree, and he and his friends would climb on it between studying and learning lessons.

Old skis get new leases on life

A great old pair of skis never dies it just goes to the annual ski swap to be reborn. Some skis will suffer the ignominy of being turned into furniture, a fence or a trash can surround. Others will enjoy a more dignified, albeit brutal semi-retirement, going into some savvy skier's quiver as a pair of trustworthy rock skis.

Domestic violence No. 1 health problem

Relationship violence can occur at many levels and in many situations

This past month across the nation, our attention has been drawn to the painful effects of violence. In October, National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we are again reminded of another form of violence that hits too close to home: domestic violence or intimate partner violence.