T-L-C for your car


Along with readying your body, your house and your life for winter weather, don't forget about your car. That machine that drives you to and from work everyday or to the grocery store can get beat up during freezing temperatures. Make sure to give it extra tender loving care before winter comes, so you and it are prepared.

Bob Rundell, owner of Grease Monkey, said make sure you have a good antifreeze (35 degrees below zero) and that all the other fluids (front/rear differential, transmission, etc.) are topped off.

Wiper blades are important tools for a car whether you're going through a blizzard or the melting snow splashes on your windshield.

"There are all season blades or winter wiper blades that have a rubber covering that helps resist the collection of ice and snow," Rundell said.

Rundell said many people tend to under- or over-inflate the air pressure in their tires. Having proper tire pressure is important in the winter especially because it will allow you to reach the maximum tread on the tire.

"It's better for traction and stopping," Rundell said.

Rick Patrick, manager of Tire Distribution Systems Inc., said having adequate snow tires is a must. Patrick will tell you the specific tire he would recommend, but studded tires also are adequate and can help when you're driving over the hill to Denver.

J.T. Thorup of Four Star Repair Inc. said if your car is 4-wheel drive make sure it's working before the buckets of snow begin to fall.

"Go out to a dirt road, engage the 4-wheel drive and make sure all the tires are turning correctly," Thorup said.

A good set of snow tires always is preferable and studding them would create optimum driving in the worst conditions. Just make sure the tread is good.

"Also, make sure your belts and hoses are in good shape," Thorup said.

Compiled by Kelly Silva


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