News for Friday, October 19, 2001



Parents, children share stories

Hayden Valley Elementary hosts 'Read Aloud'

Five-year-old Teneka Burger stifled a small yawn on Friday morning as her father finished another page in a story about a pig and his adventures.

Youth programs to be homeless

City Council members say there is no money for Emerald City

With the owner of Emerald City willing to drop his offer on the lease to the city to prevent the youth center from closing next year, the City Council is struggling to deal with an offer that may end up being too little too late.

Ice rink opens early

The City Council, the Parks and Recreation Committee and the Ice Rink Advisory Committee were greeted with skates and a new slab of ice for the First on the Ice night at Howelsen Ice Arena Friday.

Forest Service seeks input

Seeing the forest fire through the trees

It is possible to have too much of a good thing, according to U.S. Forest Service officials. The practice of fire suppression preserved public lands for years in the United States, which seemed to be a good thing for wilderness conservation.