News for Saturday, November 17, 2001



Hayden team might be too top-heavy

In the sport of wrestling, being strong on top and weak on the bottom is not all that uncommon, but it is not often used to describe a team.


Bumper battles

Whether it's the weaving one-lane highways, the unpredictable weather, or something to do with why water boils at a lower temperature at higher elevations, bad drivers become horrible drivers in the high country.


Letters for Nov. 18, 2001

The record

The record for Nov. 10-16, 2001


Thinner thighs? Less jiggle means more energy

Are you prone to inner thigh jiggle? Would you like to whip those adductor muscles into shape so one thigh isn't rubbing against the other when you walk across the room in your underpants?

Soroco faces low turnout

Coach says Rams that have come out are good athletes

Quality, not quantity, is what Soroco's wrestling program will be selling this year.

Residents upbeat about giving thanks

Thanksgiving 2001 comes at a time when people might struggle to find reasons to be thankful.


Eleven-year-olds Tara Conlin and Missy Krous were the first muggles in line for the 7 o'clock showing of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone at the Chief Plaza Theater Friday night.

Back to the mats

Small but dedicated group of Sailors out for the wrestling team this season

The weight room head coach Jay Muhme knew when he was in high school is nothing like the one he saw Monday afternoon when he arrived for his first practice as the Sailors' head coach.

Bazaar brings arts awareness for Hayden students

Promising young artists at Hayden High School might be the unlikely recipients of a new holiday tradition in Hayden.

Building permits

Building permits for Nov. 1-9

Mixing it up for the holidays

The traditional menu sees a transition

If stepping out on a limb with holiday food this Thanksgiving or Christmas feels a little too unnatural but staying with traditional items seems too bland, try a variation with your favorite foods. Patrick Lowe, Steamboat Grand Resort Hotel executive chef, said he thinks people are curious to try new variations of traditional holiday food. However, since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, people have returned to traditional or comfort foods.


What's right with wrestling

I can't help but wonder if new wrestling coach Jay Muhme is one of those guys who has a Rubix Cube sitting on the table next to his favorite recliner at home.

Teachers learn to delve into data

Technology could assist educators in their approach to CSAP

They might not have been wearing hard hats or brandishing pick axes, but the school administrators and support staff that gathered at Steamboat Springs High School this weekend were learning to mine. Mine for data, that it is.


Vitek and Draper

Still time for the 'Big One'

The most aggro anglers in Routt County won't be putting away their poles when winter finally grips the valley and the ski runs are open. However, for many, when the white stuff comes it's time to grab the sticks and go skiing.

Around Town

Around town for Nov. 18, 2001


The changing of the guard

Kathy Connell became the new president of the Steamboat Springs City Council last week an unenviable task given the recent divisive elections, an uncertain economic forecast and a thinning city budget. What differences in leadership will she bring and how does she see her next two years as council president? We asked her to give her thoughts on upcoming issues.

Doctor earns teaching award

McCaulley honored by students who learn from him

The necessary training for a doctor to excel in his practice stems from his education in the classroom and through his clinical experience under the guidance of physicians. Dr. Mark McCaulley, one of many physicians in Steamboat Springs who teaches medical students, has received the Outstanding Clinical Faculty Medical Student Teaching Award through the University of Colorado's Department of Medicine.

New rules take effect

New state rules about losing weight at the last minute will change how Colorado high school wrestlers weigh in this year.


Apartment vacancy rates on increase The vacancy rate for apartments in Steamboat Springs is lower than the statewide average, but still higher than most mountain towns.

Dollar volume down 50 percent

Sept. 11 attacks, eroding economy have taken their toll on Steamboat housing market

A shaky economy and eroding consumer confidence in the face of terrorist attacks have combined to cut the dollar volume of Steamboat real estate sales in half during the first nine weeks since Sept. 11.

United ups total seats out of YVRA

Airline returning to airport and will stay for summer

A spokesman for United Airlines said this week his company intends to serve the Yampa Valley again beginning Dec. 14 and continue next summer and beyond.

Steamboat Grand's future is a mystery

ASC won't say if hotel and conference center is part of pending ski area sale

American Skiing Company officials declined this week to say whether the Steamboat Grand Hotel and Conference Center will be included in the pending sale of the Steamboat Ski Area.


It's been more than a year since Steamboat Springs residents learned of the tragic loss of Lori Bases in their community. Bases was brutally murdered slashed repeatedly and left to die by someone who had little compassion for a person who has been described as "the best friend anyone could ask for."


Local briefing

Local briefs for Nov. 18, 2001

In Brief

In brief for Nov. 18, 2001

Weekly Planner

Weekly planner for Nov. 19-24, 2001

Class notes

Class notes for Nov. 18, 2001


War of the waistline

Soon enough, stuffing, potatoes, butter and pies will surround our kitchens and invade our homes. You have two choices: get ready to have some will power or get ready to get fat.

Meteor shower spells doom for Denver Donkeys

I didn't recognize it at the time, but looking back on it now, I can see quite clearly that in the early morning hours of Nov. 18, I received a cosmic sign, a celestial caution if you will, that Sunday would not be a good day to hang around the hacienda and watch the Denver Broncos attempt to play football.



A gathering to give thanks

Soroco High School honors its community's senior citizens

Jim Pitzer returned to familiar surroundings Thursday for the first time in seven years. Pitzer, who taught speech and English for seven years at Soroco High School before retiring almost 20 years ago, shared a Thanksgiving meal at the high school with other senior citizens.

Weekend storm deemed 'weak'

NWS: Winter weather likely to hit later this week

Rain, sleet and snow fell in Routt County on Sunday, and up to 3 inches of the white stuff was forecast to have fallen in Steamboat Springs by today. However, the National Weather Service says the moisture is not the beginning of the first substantial winter storm in the High Country but that storm could be right around the corner.

Council vets say they've left the city a little better off

Bennett, Engelken and Brenner discuss their time in city government

Picture roads clear cut into the rock 50 feet from the chairlift on Howelsen Hill, 6,000-square-foot luxury homes plopped onto the ridgeline of Emerald Mountain.

Slip-sliding away: Tips for safe driving

Believe it or not, winter will soon be here.

Johnson back in Routt County

Before convicted murderer Thomas Lee Johnson starts serving a life sentence in prison, his last two months will be spent in the Routt County Detention Center.

High and dry

Skiers, farmers keeping their eyes to the skies

Colorado's dryland wheat farmers and ski area operators have a couple of things in common. They both put on bibbed overalls to go to work (although wheat farmers typically pay $200 less for their overalls than do skiers) and they both look to the jet stream for their salvation. It's all about snow.

Cookie dough dispute

'Hot Cookies Steamboat' calls it quits instead of paying more for lease

A fixture at the entrance to the Steamboat Ski Area for the past 17 years disappeared unceremoniously this week when a crane loaded the gazebo that housed "Hot Cookies Steamboat" onto a Low-Boy truck that hauled away the little blue and white building with the peaked roof.