Sport taught you life lessons? Me, too


I'm a big believer in smart magazines coming to the house. For anyone wishing to lead a healthier lifestyle more energy, less sickness I would say it's vital to subscribe to at least two magazines a month that remind you to pay attention to your mind, your body, your silliness. (You thought I was going to say "spirit," right?)

I like Natural Health, Cooking Light, Health, Shape, Men's Fitness and Prevention, among others. One of my new favorites is O magazine, the Oprah magazine, named after herself.

It talks to women as though they were grown-ups, informing them on all kinds of issues related to our health, our emotions, our bodies, our relationships, our lives. I did a little essay for O for the November issue having to do with a workout or sport that has taught me life lessons.

I wrote about my training in Aikido a Japanese martial art that looks like tai chi on speed and how it taught me to blend with an attack, transform anger into energy, expect to fall down and roll right back up again.

So here's a very related question for all of you: What life lessons have you learned from a sport or workout that YOU do? I'm in O, on page 254. Your story could be in this column. E-mail me at and let me hear. Thanks.

Eat this up: Bake those fries!

No food is really bad, but french fries are really no good very high in fat and calories. But high in taste, too. For a tasty substitute, try baking your fries. Cut an unpeeled baking potato into slices or chunks, season, lightly salt and bake at 475 until golden, about 30 minutes or more. I like 'em with onion, lots of garlic and rosemary. Ymmmm!

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