While Memorial Day is a time of year to recognize and honor the men and women who sacrificed their lives for democracy and devout patriotism, it's also a great time of year to have a party.

But whether you celebrate Memorial Day with a party or simply spend the three-day weekend doing whatever the heck you want, it's great to share those ideas with others.

We've asked some locals what would make for an ideal Memorial Day.

Greg Hermann, owner of Bear Valley Design, said Memorial Day could bring great surprises.

"It's kind of my birthday. I'd love to go up to Glacier Park on the Canadian border, it's one of my favorite spots," Hermann said. "It would be beautiful up there now."

Although he said it's too early in the year to hike the Devil's Causeway, he may head out to Mad Creek for a Memorial Day walk through the colorful canyon.

Dave Strang, Skate Zone manager at Backdoor Sports, said America's holiday just means another day for him, although he still wishes for the ideal.

"You know what would be the ideal Memorial Day for me? A morning of kayak, an afternoon mountain bike ride followed by a night on the town," Strang said.

Because Strang's dad is in the Marines, he said he always remembers to say to himself, 'Oh, it's Memorial Day' and remember the meaning of the day, but again it's just another day to have party.

Russ Pittard of Colorful Colorado Professional Services said heading up to Steamboat Lake for a day on the water would be a perfect Memorial Day weekend.

"Get a party barge and troll around all day, do a little fishing," Pittard said, adding the two most important things he would bring to the lake his baby and his wife.

Pittard said bringing a picnic on the party barge is a must.

But if he were to stay in Steamboat, Pittard said golfing would be an added bonus to his day.

"The golf courses are beautiful right now," Pittard said.

Compiled by Kelli Silva


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