Suspect's case changes courts

Inmate's attorney couldn't reach plea agreement


— With negotiations for a plea agreement at a standstill, a 31-year-old Routt County Jail inmate has been bound over into 14th Judicial District Court on felony charges for allegedly assaulting two officers.

James Todd Reimer could also face an additional felony charge for an alleged incident in February where Reimer allegedly left the county jail to purchase liquor from a nearby liquor store.

He allegedly assaulted two officers after he was caught with the liquor.

Reimer faces charges of second-degree possession of contraband, a class one misdemeanor, and two counts of second-degree assault on a peace officer.

Since he was charged in February, plea negotiations between Reimer's attorney, Larry Combs, and Assistant District Attorney Kerry St. James have taken place.

On Wednesday, Combs informed Routt County Judge James Garrecht the two lawyers have been unable to work out an agreement and requested the case be moved into district court.

Reimer is scheduled to enter pleas to the three charges at 9:45 a.m. June 15 in 14th Judicial District Judge Joel S. Thompson's courtroom.

During the arraignment, it is also possible Reimer could be entering a plea to a third felony, first-degree possession of contraband.

The charge may be filed because St. James had notified Combs at the start of the case he would not file the felony charge if the case could be resolved in Garrecht's courtroom.

St. James will determine whether to file the charge as the arraignment date closes in, he said.

According to a court file, Reimer allegedly kicked a sheriff's deputy and a state trooper while they tried to place him in a restraint chair after he was caught with the liquor inside the county jail the evening of Feb. 6.

Authorities believe Reimer left the jail to purchase the alcohol from a nearby liquor store when he was let outside the facility to throw away trash and shovel snow.

Reimer and a second inmate, Alfred John Flood, were caught with the alcohol later in the evening as they were baking cookies in the jail's kitchen.

At the time, Reimer and Flood each worked as a jail trusty.

Flood, 21, has been charged with first-degree possession of contraband.

He is scheduled to enter a plea to the charge June 22 in Thompson's courtroom.

Because of the incident, Sheriff John Warner has revoked any good-time credit the two inmates had earned.

The two men also are no longer allowed out of their cells to work in the detention facility.

Currently, Reimer is serving two years in the county jail for third-degree assault, violating a restraining order and driving under the influence of alcohol. He began serving his sentence last July.

Flood is also serving a two-year sentence for third-degree assault on a peace officer.

Flood received the jail term for spitting on Steamboat Springs Police officers in the early morning hours of Sept. 11.


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