Divers inspect water tanks

Water District uses team to clean containers


— The Mount Werner Water District called in a special team of divers to clean and check out its five water tanks. This is the first time it's been done in Steamboat Springs.

Mount Werner Superintendent Jeff Peterson said it's become a matter of safety.

"With the number of houses being built, fire protection is important," Peterson said.

"We decided to keep them (water tanks) on line."

Previously, the water district would drain the tanks, leaving customers with less water and sometimes no water.

Now, the water tanks can continue to function as the divers disinfect their drysuits and climb inside to work.

The team of divers from Fort Worth-based U.S. Underwater Services started Wednesday afternoon and hope to clean all five tanks by this weekend.

Working up north has its downside for the Texans.

Diver British Isles (yes, that's his name) came out of one of the tanks Wednesday afternoon grimacing with pain.

With water temperatures in the mid-30s inside the tank, it was difficult for the divers to keep their hands and feet warm. They could only stay in about an hour.

After his dive, Isles could be seen bending over groaning about how bad his hands hurt.

The three-man crew took turns vacuuming sediment off the inside of the tank and checked for structural problems. After each tank is finished, they use video and photographs to demonstrate any problems.

The Mount Werner Water District serves Steamboat residents living south of Fish Creek.


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