Deputy DA resigns post

Charles Feldmann leaves position at office


— Deputy District Attorney Charles Feldmann abruptly resigned from his position within the 14th Judicial District Attorney's Office Monday.

Feldmann's resignation comes on the heels of 14th Judicial District Attorney Paul McLimans' intent to have the Routt County Court appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate an expense fund.

Late last week, Feldmann met with McLimans to discuss the expense fund.

"There were some issues and concerns raised about some expense funds," McLimans said Tuesday. "It is a matter I don't intend to investigate. But I am going to request that another office look into the matter that may require further action."

But McLimans refused to comment on the concerns that were raised regarding the expense fund.

"Because it is going to be referred to someone else for an investigation, I'm not at liberty to discuss the facts," McLimans said.

McLimans was notified of Feldmann's resignation through a brief letter.

"We had a discussion late last week, and he tendered a brief letter Monday," he said. "It didn't articulate a specific reason.

"The resignation was accepted. It was very brief. He indicated he was resigning, and it did not give a reason."

On Tuesday, Feldmann could not be reached for comment.

Feldmann worked as a prosecutor in the 14th Judicial District for a little more than four years. The majority of his time with McLimans' office was spent in the Steamboat Springs office.

Feldmann handled felony and misdemeanor cases with Assistant District Attorney Kerry St. James, who has been working in Steamboat Springs for more than 13 years.

St. James would not comment on Feldmann's departure when contacted Tuesday.

"Charles worked for the office for a number of years," McLimans said. "He worked very hard and did some outstanding work."

St. James and Feldmann divided up caseload based on the last names of suspects.

A third prosecutor in the Steamboat Springs office, Deputy District Attorney Elizabeth Wittemyer, handles traffic and misdemeanor cases.

Because of Feldmann's departure, St. James, Wittemyer and other prosecutors in the district will be needed to fill in.

"They will bear the brunt of it," McLimans said of St. James and Wittemyer. "But we do have three offices in the district. We can shift resources within the offices to meet the demands of work load."

The departure of a prosecutor is nothing new to the veteran district attorney.

"People leave offices all the time," he said. "We have had this situation at another office where a senior deputy assistant left.

"You suck it up with the folks you got. We are going to have to dig in with a little more effort and make sure we don't drop the ball anywhere."

When McLimans received Feldmann's resignation he was not caught off guard.

"Based on the conversation we had it was not particularly surprising," he said.

Because of Feldmann's resignation, McLimans will be looking for a replacement to fill the position.

"We are going to get a qualified applicant as quick as we can," he said.

McLimans expects to enter a request for the Routt County Court to appoint an independent office to investigate the expense fund issue "soon," he said.

Typically, an investigation like this will be handled by another district attorney's office in the state, he said.

"I am not prejudging him," McLimans said. "But someone outside the office needs to look at the facts and make an objective decision."


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