PROPERTY OWNERSI knew Steamboat with sidewalks and I am not senile and I also know when I meet up with a thief who intends to steal from me. We of the Property Owners Protective Committee believe that the Routt County planning department is totally out of line and it appears we should either get rid of the Legislature in Denver or reduce the planning and zoning department of the county to where they belong, because we certainly don't need them both.

After all, our Legislature is the vote and voice of the people and not the voice of a few who wish to regulate.

We are told that the planning department is now considering to adopt ridgeline controls just the same under freedom of choice and we say that is fine but if a new owner buys the property, they shall have the right to remove such restriction.

We must consider that socialism and communism will not and cannot tolerate the ownership of land and private property in the hands of the individual. It appears quite clear to us that planning and zoning on the state or county level does nothing more than destroy private property rights.

Here in Colorado, as in most all Western states, the federal government owns nearly 50 percent of the state, and if you are so worried about the ridgeline, just take a couple of hours to travel at the most and you will be on federal land (if you are permitted) and enjoy all the ridgetops of half the state, but don't hinder private property rights that is feeding you here at home.

If you are not aware of the world planners, I advise you to check up and you will find that North America with nearly 60 percent of the world's supply of fresh water is to become the playground of the rest of the world (if they can afford it).

John E. Sandelin, Chairman

Property Owners Protective Committee


SELLER'S NIGHTMAREWithin the past four months I've purchased a condo in Steamboat Springs and at the same time I've put a smaller one up for sale that went into the multiple real estate listing. Dealing with the blunders of four different real estate agencies in Steamboat Springs has certainly been a frustrating business experience and, in retrospect, perhaps a bit funny.

Three months after buying my condo the buyer's real estate agent contacted me and asked if I would reimburse for some utility bills that had been inadvertently left off the closing statement. (I did this.)

By this time, I was already in contract with real estate agent No. 3. She had a buyer for the condo I was selling. We all had finally agreed upon a counterproposal when several days later my prospective buyer's agent realized she was about to purchase the wrong condo for her client. (I gracefully let them out of the contract.) I'm now finally about to sell my condo and I'm diligently working with agent No. 4 (or her second since she went on vacation). We have just missed our third closing date. The agent said she thought the date was nine days later and admitted she had not thoroughly read her contract. The second delay was due to an overlooked "waiting period" required for a Colorado loan. The third delay was because the title company had to "redo its paperwork" as the agent did not have a correct listing for the buyer. I was asked to resign and renotarize the same paperwork and return it to the title company three times.

Is there any accounting for the casual way in which these Steamboat Springs real estate agents treated their own contracts and failed to meet their own deadlines? As I write this the closing is supposed to be taking place. The agents for both buyer and seller are on vacation and are out of town but I assume that their respective agencies have sent competent backups to the closing if that is possible. I hope I haven't overacted. But I've certainly gotten the appearance of a lack of professionalism among four very well-known real estate agencies.

Linda Patrick

Dubuque, Iowa

SICK OF LITERI spent three hours today picking up trash in Stagecoach. It was a nice day and it was something I've been meaning to do. Although I can't help but be disgusted at the way some people have so much disrespect for a beautiful area like Stagecoach. On the back road from the condos to Eagleswatch subdivision I picked up three large bags full of trash. The worst was near the dumpster for Eagles Nest. There were some large cardboard boxes behind the only dumpster. They were marked Cynthia and once contained fragile kitchen stuff. I also found a bag dumped on County Road 14 last week. The contents of the bag was owned by a resident of Yampa. I have noticed people occasionally placing their trash on top of their cars and driving away. If these people would only get a trash bin supplied by Waste Management maybe the trash problem might solve itself. Those dumpsters out in Stagecoach have got to go. And maybe if everyone in Stagecoach had their own trash bin maybe the trash bill would go down. Right now we are paying $102 a quarter! We started out with a dumpster at the bottom of the hill on C.R. 212 in Eagleswatch seven years ago. When the dumpster was removed, the fee went to $66 and has steadily increased. I know that a lot of people in Stagecoach dump their trash at the Town Home dumpsters. I think it would be in their best interest to get individual trash bins. I couldn't believe all the junk I found that blew down to the back dirt road. Something else would be nice if people walking their dogs on the road could bring a trash bag and pick up stuff as they walk. How hard can that be? Where residents pick up their Sunday papers was really a mess. I urge those of you who leave the items from the paper you don't want to take them anyway. Those fliers from Dish Network that no one wanted were scattered everywhere. So please, be thoughtful, be considerate and respectful. And keep Stagecoach beautiful.

Suzy Pattillo



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