Something for Mom


The nurturing affection of a mother's embrace, a simple telephone call saying 'I love you' or her sincere belief that she could not have asked for a better child all give us a reason to show Mom how much we care.

And if you are a mother, you'll know deep down that you're appreciated, and seeing your child grow and attain true happiness is probably the best gift you could ever receive.

But the annual day celebrating mothers always bogs people down with discovering the perfect gift or a special way to say "thank you."

We've asked some local mothers and daughters what have been the best gifts given and received, in hopes of leaving the rest of you with some great ideas.

Gretchen Jarosz, owner of Mountain Hair Studio, said she gets her mother, two sisters and her future mother-in-law something impractical that they would never buy for themselves.

"They live in the cities, so I'll buy some sort of sneaker, a mule," Jarosz said of this year's gift for all four. "I'm certainly not buying something they would ever buy. But they always rant and rave about my gifts."

Heather Matney, unit secretary and certified nurse assistant at Doak Walker Care Center, said when she was young, making wood crafts and dried flowers always touched Mom's heart.

And while jewelry and favorite perfumes are practical, Matney said she thinks handmade gifts really show you care.

"I would think that a scrapbook of when I was a child and when she younger would be a good gift," Matney said. "One year my cousin gave her mom a video show. She turned photos and videos into a show, and then everyone received that as a Christmas gift."

Billie Ackerman, owner of Linda and Associates and mother of two for 19 years, said a smile, a hug and and "I love you" is all she needs.

"It's always the cards that make my heart when they write them themselves," Ackerman said. "I have this card that is framed that says MOTHER and lists all the things they love about me."

Compiled by Kelly Silva


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