News for Saturday, May 5, 2001



Gearing up

Kids get ready for Steamboat's first soap box derby

As people raced around the track outside, running incessant laps for the Spirit Challenge Walkathon, kids ages 9 to 16 in the nearby industrial arts room watched intently, hovered over wooden workbenches that were covered with cars under construction for the Soap Box Derby May 19.


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How to save a gem of a mountain?

Emerald Mountain, commonly referred to as the "backdrop" of Steamboat Springs, is facing an uncertain future. The State Land Board, which has control over the land, has determined that selling it would bring about the most money for state coffers. The Emerald Mountain Partnership is trying to raise money to purchase the property to conserve it from development. We asked Ben Beall, who is a member of the partnership, to talk more about the issue.

Rock of new ages

Church sings a different tune to bring in congregation

Some people might say the best rock concert in town can be found in an old church barn, tucked away in the Steamboat Springs countryside.

Ski Corp. layoffs 'necessary'

Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. executives say Friday's layoffs at the ski area are symptomatic of national trends that could see paid skier days in the United States declining by a percentage point annually for the foreseeable future.

Making a difference

Honoring those who care during Nurses Week

Nurse Alidalee Gingerich stands in the hallway of the Medical/Surgical Unit at Yampa Valley Medical Center and talks with fellow nurse Ann Compton, who is new to the nursing staff at the hospital. There is a serious tone in both the women's voices as they discuss a diagnosis of a patient who is in a room nearby. "That's way too high of a WBC to be septic," Gingerich says.

Police chief search narrowed to seven

Candidates have extensive background in law enforcement

Oak Creek town officials have the field of chief of police applicants narrowed down to seven candidates. The candidates will be interviewed on Wednesday.

Unraveling the mortgage rate mystery

Relationship to the prime may not be what you think

Mary Crotz was expecting some bad news on Friday, and that was good news at least for the prospective mortgage borrowers she's working with.


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College choices more than academic

Students weigh university offerings, aesthetics, and size

Choosing the right college is one of most pressure-filled tasks a high school student faces. Parents want an affordable and high-ranking college for their daughter or son.

Marie Virginia Long


Yvonne Louise Patro





Price of parks

While affordable housing continues to be a top priority in Steamboat Springs, its burden should not be shouldered by a select few.

Willard Benton Anderson



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Something for Mom

The nurturing affection of a mother's embrace, a simple telephone call saying 'I love you' or her sincere belief that she could not have asked for a better child all give us a reason to show Mom how much we care. And if you are a mother, you'll know deep down that you're appreciated, and seeing your child grow and attain true happiness is probably the best gift you could ever receive.

FedEx pilot dies in plane crash

Blasting caps at site hamper recovery

A FedEx plane piloted by a 44-year-old Wyoming man crashed into a ridge on the south side of Emerald Mountain Saturday morning en route to Steamboat Springs Airport.

Best feet forward

Steamboat's girls soccer team scores 6-0 win over Fort Morgan

If Kelly Asbury the Steamboat Sailors soccer team's starting goalie in Saturday's regional playoff game against Fort Morgan had some homework to do over the weekend, she should have brought it to the game.

Top tumblers

Steamboat Stars gymnastic team ready for busy season

The Steamboat Stars Gymnastic team will head to its second meet of the spring season looking to continue its success on the floor.


Off and running The birds are singing, the snow is gone and it's that time of year again when I want to try to get back into top physical shape. Notice the key word is try.

Solid as a rock

Companies turning smooth profits with custom-made granite countertops

Of the many categories of successful businesses in Steamboat Springs, there's one that will always be able to say it's as solid as a rock. The use of solid granite slabs in kitchen countertops, wet bars, vanity counters and bath tub surrounds, is a growing trend among the builders of luxury homes and townhomes in Steamboat.


Mary Verity named director of sales Mary S. Verity has been appointed the director of sales of The Steamboat Grand Resort and Conference Center.

No dogs allowed

My first impression of Steamboat Springs was that it was a dog town.


YVMC holds sports partner program Women who are looking for a little help to stay active can sign up for Sports Buddies at the next Taking Care of Me Program on Osteoporosis, which will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Yampa Valley Medical Center.

Charles Everett Hudspeth

Runners right on track

A cold, stiff wind blew across the all-weather track at Moffat County High School Saturday just prior to the start of the 1,600-meter run.

Get back in the swing for better, healthier golf

I'm a golfer not a very good one in terms of the scorecard, but very, very good in terms of enjoying the game and attempting impossible new skills. Thoroughly humbled, I have given myself 15 years to learn to play golf. I'm just starting year three.


Week warns to be aware of bears Colorado Governor Bill Owens has proclaimed May 6-12 Bear Awareness Week in the state. The Colorado Division of Wildlife will spend the week beginning its largest effort ever to inform residents about the state's black bear population and how people can coexist with the state's largest predators.

A 'Grand' investment

Steamboat Grand Hotel offers unique share of market

Records at the Routt County Courthouse show American Skiing Co. closed 49 different transactions involving interval ownership at the Steamboat Grand Hotel during the four-month period beginning Jan. 1 and ending April 30.

New sporting goods store may come to town

Gart Sports considering opening business near Central Park Plaza

Officials of Gart Sports confirmed this week they have been looking closely at building a new store in Steamboat Springs, but nothing is certain.

FedEx pilot dies in plane crash

Blasting caps at site hamper recovery

A FedEx plane piloted by a 44-year-old Wyoming man crashed into a ridge on the south side of Emerald Mountain Saturday morning en route to Steamboat Springs Airport. Rescue workers found the single-engine plane ripped into pieces, its propeller dug deep into fuel-soaked dirt on a steep ridge. The plane ripped the tops off a stand of aspens by the crash site.

It's a dog's life

Imagine what it might be like to be a dog. You wake up in the morning to watch your master prepare for work, get let out for about five minutes to do your business and then it's housebound the rest of the day.


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