News for Monday, March 26, 2001



County to consider pit tonight

Debate over gravel operation heats up

Two independent experts whose work on riparian cottonwoods were used to promote a new gravel pit just south of Milner, say their study is being used out of context. The new Camilletti pit is being proposed near a sensitive area at the confluence of the Yampa River and Trout Creek outside of Milner.

Verizon customers frustrated with service

Finger pointing but no solutions prevails in cell phone disruptions

The recent disruption and continued unreliability in cellular phone service that has plagued the area can be blamed on a number of reasons, depending on who one talks to. But no matter what the reason, some customers say they believe that there doesn't seem to be any real solution in the foreseeable future.

Rivalry between ski teams continues

Two champions were crowned at the Chevy Trucks U.S. Ski Jumping Championships in Park City, Utah last weekend. One was a special jumper, the other a rising star on the nordic combined ski team and both share one thing in common Steamboat Springs.

Steamboat drops ball in Rangely

It was a weekend of mixed emotions for the members of the Steamboat Springs High School baseball team. The squad was elated to get back on the field for the first time in two weeks, but the players had to be disappointed after suffering three-straight losses in the Rangely Tournament.

Sports equipment collected for Nicaraguan children

Jay Dickey plans another trip in May

When 47-year-old Jay Dickey, surfer and ex-hippie, went down to Nicaragua last year, he and a friend decided to take some baseballs and gloves for local kids. Little did he know the impact his gifts would make.

Legislature may back charter schools

After getting some face time with the governor at the Lincoln's Day Dinner on Feb. 19, the members of the north Routt charter school board may be getting some help from the state to purchase or build a new school.