On April Fool's Day all bets are off


Have you ever wanted to get someone back with a joke or prank that scared the daylights out of them or just threw them for a loop?

The first day of April more commonly referred to as April Fool's Day is the one day allowed for teasing or scaring people you know all within the boundaries of good friendship and humor, of course.

This also should put people on alert because you just never know what might happen next Sunday.

We've put some of Steamboat's "original pranksters" on the spot to help us come up with some of the funniest, scariest or most outrageous high jinks.

Scott Parker enjoys relating a particular April Fool's Day in which he pulled one over on his supervisor.

Calling his supervisor at the Kid's Vacation Center at the base of the mountain, Parker pretended he was a child's father. He had gone out to dinner, had too many drinks and now he couldn't pick up his child for a couple hours.

The center closes at 10 p.m. and Parker, who was hiding around the corner, made the phony phone call at 9:30 p.m. His supervisor didn't have a clue, and Parker's colleagues were on the ground laughing as his language became a bit vulgar.

"I just got belligerent," Parker said of his behavior on the phone toward his supervisor. "I was slurring my words like I was drunk."

When he turned around the corner, he held up the cell phone he was on. Her face turned white as a ghost, but she was laughing, he said.

Mark Anderson, a manager at The Tap House, said the tried and true "glued-quarter-on-the-sidewalk" trick is always a hoot as tourists and others try to retrieve the coin.

Kelly Anzalone related how Dan Earp of AT & T Media Services would call people pretending to be an electrician in a precarious position.

"Tell them, 'Don't pick up your phone for the next 15 minutes because you'll cause the man on the power line an electric shock,'" Anzalone said. "Then call back in 15 minutes, and when they answer, start screaming like you're dying."

Compiled by Kelly Silva


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