News for Thursday, March 22, 2001



Sheraton jazzes it up this weekend

While cruising down the highway to Amarillo, Texas, members of Galactic looked around at the familiar oil wells and dry land they had seen when they headed out on their first tour five years ago.

Painter's art to benefit 'Strings'

Selling a successful veterinary practice to pursue a career as an artist may seem far fetched and unconventional, but that's exactly what John Fawcett represents. A man with dreams who is willing to sacrifice a salary for a vision.

Free concerts close out ski season

To celebrate the end of a successful six-month ski season, horns, drums and guitars will ring through the peaks and valleys of Steamboat for the annual Tequiza Rocks the 'Boat four-week long concert series.

Man dies doing what he loved

Skier killed in avalanche is remembered fondly

Brendan Clancy was planning a sad trip to Farwell Mountain in north Routt County sometime this weekend to see the slope where his older brother, Sean, 34, died March 18 in an avalanche. He was going to take his mother, Diane, with him. "I'm not going to the exact spot," Brendan said. "But I want to get as close as I can and see the mountain."

Resort warms up to Iowa family

Train wreck survivors' vacation back on track

John Connair of Des Moines, Iowa, thought his family's ski vacation to Steamboat Springs had gone irretrievably off track March 17 when he awoke in the darkness to the unnerving sound of metal grinding on metal. When the night was finally over, they were thankful to be alive.

Benefit helps 'Tipsy Taxi' program

The 18th annual Tipsy Taxi Benefit will provide about 10 Alpine Taxi rides Wednesday night for those who've found they may have had an extra vodka tonic.

Concern for program voiced

Residents have mixed feelings for Late Start proposal

Transportation and community involvement were the forefront issues among concerned parents and citizens who attended a second community forum to discuss the Steamboat Springs School District's Late Start proposal.

The secret's in the sauce

They call them grand. Sometimes mother, or leading or classic. Others are contemporary or modern. All of them are sauces, and they can take a dish from bland to bold; blase to brilliant.


Price one-man show closing "Journeys of the Imagination," Gary Price's one-man sculpture exhibit, at the Wild Horse Gallery will close Saturday. Many of Price's works capture the joy and innocence of childhood.

Officials urge women to watch out

Date-rape drugs being used in Steamboat Springs

In the past two years, five women in Steamboat Springs have reported they were sexually assaulted after being subdued by a date-rape drug.

Sailors girls tennis team returns to action

After a two-week layoff, the Steamboat Springs girls tennis team returns to action Saturday with home-court advantage over Cedaredge.

Oak Creek still waiting on fire chief guidance

Fire officials in Oak Creek are still waiting to hear from a consultant from the Front Range they hired in late December to help determine if the district should pay a fire chief part time.


Friday, March 23 Dave Markle performs classical and flamenco guitar at 7:30 tonight at the Alpine Bistro, located at 521 Lincoln Ave.

Resource directory available

Human services listings at fingertips of residents, agencies

Looking for an organization that will help you find child care in the Yampa Valley? Wanting to adopt a child? Do you need to find the state agency that will help you figure out what benefits grandmother can get?

2001 Cardboard Classic

As a rite of passage into spring, it's customary in Steamboat to begin churning those creative cogs in the brain to invent the most unique and resourceful method of traveling down the mountain with only six pieces of material.

Plant prudently to protect property

Last summer, wildfires throughout the West including Routt County devastated thousands of acres of land and threatened to destroy homes and businesses. In a high-intensity fire everything will burn, but there are some measures you can take to make your landscaping safer.