The possibilities of the future

Soroco students catch a glimpse of career opportunities


Soroco High School junior Sara Jo Linden is pretty sure she knows what she wants to be when high school is over.

"I plan on writing," she said. "I don't know which profession but I love to write and plan on incorporating it into my life somehow."

Soroco English Teacher Valerie Broadbent said Linden is a good writer and could be successful at pursuing the career if she tried.

However, like many students who responded to a Steamboat Pilot and Today unscientific survey, Linden said she feels like she has much to choose from, making a decision about post-high-school life difficult.

"It is difficult only because I'm interested in so many different things," she said.

Many Soroco High School were presented with options for their futures on Wednesday as they participated in the second annual Career Day at the school.

Career Counselor Gretchen Daley organized the day, which replaced the first three classes in the morning with a choice of 15 different careers to learn about from people in the professions.

Students could get a lesson on law enforcement, county planning, journalism, agriculture and banking careers, just to name a few.

"I tried to pick a lot of the people from south Routt," Daley said. "I want the kids to know that they can do these jobs and live here."

Career Day gives the students the opportunity to step out of their normal daily routine and get a glimpse at what other people do for a living, she said.

"I think it is hard for them because they are really limited by what they are aware of," Daley said.

Also, it is just plain difficult for high school students to choose what they want to do after high school, she said.

In a national survey that Soroco High School participated in last year, 70 percent of juniors and seniors indicated that they would go to a four-year university after graduating high school if cost wasn't a factor. That was higher then the 66 percent national average in the same survey.

"That's actually pretty close to the number of students from Soroco who do go to college," Soroco guidance counselor Terry Gerba said.

Gerba also has worked as a residence hall director for 12 years at numerous colleges, including the University of Wyoming and Colorado Christian College.

Though there is a high number if students who go off to college from south Routt, just like the national average one-third of them usually don't finish, Gerba said.

In the same survey, nearly 85 percent of Soroco students checked a profession they would be interested in studying.

Gerba said those choices probably won't stick for those who stay in school.

"A lot of them may know what they want to do right now, and that's great. But it's very common for students to change their minds," Gerba said.

Soroco junior Meg Hayne said she is sure she is going to college, but doesn't know for sure what she'll major in.

"I think that it really is difficult to make a career choice while you're in high school," she said. "It's like deciding the rest of your life."

Junior Gina Iacovetto voiced a similar opinion.

"It is very difficult to choose my career because I have so many things that I am interested in. I can't decide which one to really go for," she said.

Gerba said no matter what a student's career choice end up being, those who go to college learn just as much on a social level as on the educational level.

"They'll learn so many things when they go off to college," he said. "It is an exciting time in their lives."

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