LIBRARY THANKSThe South Routt Library District would like to thank Ron Szerlong Associates architectural firm for their professional services during the planning and design of the Oak Creek Library building. The project took many twists and turns over the past two years, including analyzing a new proposal to build a shared school/public library adjacent to the high school, then going back to the original building proposal, and finally taking a look at the parachute factory building following the defeat of the library's bond issue in November. Through all of this, Ron's patience in working with a non-profit board as well as his knowledge and professional advice have been greatly appreciated by the board members and project coordinator.

Liz Mauch, president

board of trustees


BED AND BREAKFASTCity Council is hosting a public review of the bed-and breakfast/overnight rental, hereinafter referred to as B&Bs, section of the new code at Centennial Hall. This is from 6 to 8 p.m. March 19.

There has been pressure on council for at least a year to permit B&Bs in residentially-zoned areas of the city. A consistent rumor now has it that real estate property managers are behind that pressure. And, of course, some residents who want to use their homes for profit.

The downside, if B&Bs are legalized through the code, is commercial intrusion into otherwise quiet residential neighborhoods. Expect more traffic, parking problems, congestion and commotion, expect neighborhood friction and loss of values in nearby properties.

According to a recent Today article, conventional lodging stays haven't been near existing capacity. The new ski corp. hotel has drained lodgers away. I don't understand, then, why property managers would be pushing B&Bs. But then I don't understand a lot that goes on in our city, such as using our tax money to increase tourism above its current level and giving only lip-service to control of growth.

At any rate, B&B codification is a very important matter. Please attend the meeting and be heard.

Omar M. Campbell


TIME TO SPEAK UPI once had a pre-school teacher say behind my back that I was a High Maintenance Mom-- I took it as a compliment! And the morning after Columbine, I grabbed the phone,and practiced some more high-maintenance-mom-stuff and called a South Routt Elementary School OFFICIAL asking 'em...'What EXACTLY are you going to discuss with the kids today?' The School OFFICIAL'S response was like... "Nothing..Are you kidding? We're not going to discuss it at all with them!! They're too young and we don't want to SCARE our students." Which translated to me (the parent) as... "NOTHING... You meddling parent. NO COMMENT AND WE-SAY-NOTHING!! NOTHING to the children and NOTHING to you!!' A few weeks later the Steamboat Today ran an article about how Steamboat Schools were becoming pro-active since Columbine and inviting counselors to come talk to the kids about school violence and how they can feel positive instead of negative, when they (the kids) ratted on their problem friends also known as at-risk youth. A South Routt school OFFICIAL was interviewed and quoted in the same article as saying, basically "Well, gee, South Routt is such a small community, we personally know all of our at-risk kids already and I can't see that kind of stuff (violence) HAPPENING IN OUR SMALL TOWN." As a mouthy, but involved parent, I was horrified. Horrified at the hide-our-heads-in-the-sand mentality coming from both the Elementary level (when its MOST important) and horrified at the High School level when violence education is equally as vital. Kidnappings happen in small towns. Rape happens in small towns.

Domestic violence happens in small towns. Drug and alcohol abuse happens way too much in small towns. (Especially resort towns). And wimpy, angry, at-risk children live in small towns and lash out at their peers in SMALL TOWNS. It's happened in Los Angeles, Columbine, Santee and yes violence can even happen in Yampa or Steamboat Springs Colorado.. I am thrilled that South Routt Elementary has adopted a "no bullying" policy since Columbine. It's an incredible program that has already benefitted one of my children. However, I am afraid that the small town mentality of "it won't happen here" is still alive and well in this community. I can only hope that my children and your children will always, always, always feel safe enough to narc on their disturbed friends. There are way too many guns floating around LOCKED in Yampa Valley hunting cabinets, that could potentially wind up in some screwed-up kid's hands. Listen to your children. And for School OFFICIALS everywhere listen to your students. And mostly for students, don't be afraid to SPEAK UP!

Leslie Faulkner



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