News for Tuesday, March 13, 2001



Trade school a worthy idea

In this digital age, when the success of so many depends on the speed of their connections and to whom they're connected it is encouraging to see an effort linked to the heart and soul of this county. In the little ranching town of Hayden west of Steamboat Springs, an idea is taking shape that deserves attention. Community leaders have proposed building a vocational school there. The plan is to provide training in those skills that really keep a community moving things like welding, auto repair and plumbing.

Who wants to win your own stuff?

The state Department of Treasury could be your lifeline

There is no lying, Lyon Drug, you and 166 other businesses and residents in Routt County have been added to a state-wide list of unclaimed money or property held by Colorado Department of Treasury. People may think the state says, "It's mine," to money or property that is never claimed, like the claim of Robert E. Mine, but State Deputy Treasurer Benson M. Stein said it is the state treasurer's responsibility to find the people and give it to them.

City Council harpoons 'White Whale'

Steamboat Springs to buy new bus

As if in one last act of defiance against the city, a Parks and Recreation bus called the "white whale" broke down on the way to pick up students Tuesday just hours before City Council agreed to send it out to sea for good. In the first recalculation of the city's 2001 budget, the city found it had enough money from sales- tax revenue and other sources to spend $102,000 on a new bus. Because the city traditionally budgets conservatively and often underspends, it ends up at least twice during the year reviewing requests it initially may have had to cut.

Council warms up to ice rink improvements

Pushed by the recent boom in demand for its ice rink, City Council agreed in principal Tuesday night to begin improvements on the rink this year and swallow a potential 20-year debt. The ice rink will get a new ice-making system and ice mat, in addition to locker rooms to replace a changing area in the current building.

County knee-deep in road maintenance

Mired in the mud

Spring has come early to Routt County's 379 miles of unpaved roads, and County Road and Bridge Director Paul Draper sees definite signs it's going to be a long season. Already, isolated portions of the county road system are mired in eight-inch ruts, and that situation could get worse, Draper said.