ASKED & ANSWERED: Getting the facts on wax


Any snowrider has experienced that sticky, coarse, rigid feeling of a snowboard or skis that haven't been waxed in the last couple of months, or maybe since last season. To get the best out of that pricey ski pass, we've asked the experts who tune and wax your snowriding equipment every day, what's the best way to keep it in good condition?

Tim Moorehead, owner of The Click, said waxing your board or skis in the spring is increasingly necessary because of the temperature and consistency of the snow. The wetter it is, the more protection you need.

Both he and Mark Andrews, shop supervisor at Powder Tools, said having a nice tuning kit is essential, especially for the edges.

Andrews said if edges get extremely rounded, they may be past the point of reconstructing. Both agreed that during spring, more rocks pop up and create burrs in ski edges. Keeping a file handy and edges sharp about two to three times a week almost is necessary, Andrews said.

Choosing the best wax may be the most difficult decision about the waxing process, Moorehead said. The more additives, fluorocarbons and graphites particularly in a wax, the better the wax. For smoother and faster action on the mountain, warm, cold and all-temperature waxes are available.

A wax iron, one with no holes, is best to use when heating up wax because it won't ruin your household iron. Heat wax into the base of the ski or snowboard, but don't leave the iron on too long because you may melt the base.

He said depending on the base, some take the wax differently. And depending on the wax, you may need to scrape it right away or wait until it has dried.

Moorehead said plastic scrapers are good for scraping the wax off, but don't scrape it all off or too much; otherwise, what's the point of waxing? Andrews said if you ride three days straight, the wax is gone.

Compiled by Kelly Silva


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