News for Saturday, March 10, 2001



A charm all its own

Demand high, supply low in Old Town

Old Town Steamboat Springs has a strong appeal for homebuyers drawn to the community's small-town character as much as they are to its resort appeal. Realtor Joan Conroy describes something that could be called, "the ice-cream-cone factor."



Nice guys finish last

By the time I finished the last event of the Steamboat Pentathlon Saturday afternoon, which was the 5-mile run, I was left gasping for air at the finish line and asking those around where the water jug was located.

Angie R. Hunt



Bacon and Spohr

Students develop in more ways than one

Getting something positive from the negative

About a month ago, 12 fifth graders at South Routt Elementary School began seeing the world in a different light. To them, a fresh snow fall, a wheel of a tractor or the bars on the jungle gym at school began taking an artistic form. Teacher Dawn Melarvie noticed it and she said the results have been spectacular.

No fighting allowed

Middle school expels amateur boxing event

Steamboat's first-ever "Fight Night" may have been a knockout for local boxing fans, but officials at Steamboat Springs Middle School are throwing in the towel on the event.

For some, degrees are clicks away

Bringing the classroom to students wherever they are

With the increase of non-traditional students returning to college to start or finish unresolved continued education, a plethora of online degrees now are becoming available from different Colorado colleges.


MARCH 4-10


Centennial Hall: Pomp or practicality

Centennial Hall, a public meeting space and building housing some city offices, was built for about $3.6 million, based on preliminary estimates. Does the city need to build such a facility? Arianthe Stettner, a city councilwoman, answered questions about the building and how the people can make use of it.

Flora M. Thrasher 1914-2001



Small packages When I was a young child anxiously waiting for Christmas morning, my mother would always tell me that the best presents normally come in the smallest packages.

Wild ride

At the bottom of a final pitch on Hahn's Peak, where the spiny, white cornice that outlines the 10,839 summit begins, Tyler Bennett stands, with alpine skis strapped to his pack forming a giant "X" on his back, above endless green bumps of the Routt National Forest.

Good eats

Elk steak, elk bratwurst, elk summer sausage, elk roast and venison steak. That's the contents of the my freezer at the moment, and for a kid who grew up on the Front Range in a family that didn't hunt big game, at the very least, my freezer contents are novel.

Cost of food theft could be hard to swallow

Officials believe when a German man allegedly purchased $4,000 worth of food when a mistake was made on his food stamp debit card, it could have marked the beginning of a costly case for Routt County.

New space for a new age

City Hall finds a future home in Steamboat Springs' past

Roberta Elkins never placed a "For Sale" sign on her lawn. But when City Council President Kevin Bennett walked out of City Hall after a meeting in 1996, he looked across the street at the old Elkins Power Plant and the empty plot of land next to it and saw Centennial Hall.

A range of lifestyle

Cattlewomen honored for continuing legacy

Cattlewoman Nancy Mucklow is clear about the mission of her organization. "We champion this because it's our lifestyle and it's our industry," Mucklow said. That's why about 60 women in Routt County take time out of their busy weeks many raising families, working in town and helping out on the ranch that they live on to promote the beef industry and agriculture in general with the Routt County CattleWomen.



Steamboat Springs residents were reminded this week, albeit in a relatively mild way, that they don't live in a bubble. On Wednesday, two students at the middle school made references to dangerous things. While in the lunchroom, one said he was going to "pull a Columbine," in reference to the worst school shooting in U.S

Challenge in Winter

Kloser wins fifth consecutive Steamboat Pentathlon title

Mike Kloser may have made a "bonehead" move during the 10th annual Steamboat Springs Pentathlon, but the competitor from Vail still managed to win the race by more than six minutes. Kloser, who is 41 years old, finished off as strong as he started and pulled out his fifth consecutive Steamboat Pentathlon title Saturday.

Click: Workforce Center makes job search easier

Get out of bed and look for a job, Carel Nickey urges, but don't bother to change out of your PJs. "You don't even need to brush your teeth to go job hunting anymore," Nickey said. Nickey is a job training specialist with the Steamboat Springs office of the Colorado Workforce Center.


Briefs from March 3-10

Chamonix II counting on quality and details

Rectangles are hard to find at Chateau Chamonix phase two. And it's no accident that almost all of the rooms in the 21-unit luxury condominium complex avoid right angles.

Unlikely owners

Couple fighting to make Milner Roadhouse a draw

There are plenty of places in Steamboat Springs to pick up some wings, so could it possibly be worthwhile to drive 20 miles round-trip for an order? One taste of Bill Doyne's chili lime wings and you just might hit the road. He and his wife, Lesa, fervently hope so. And besides, there's more than just wings at their place.


Chix win two on the road The Chix with Stix women's hockey team went two-for-three during a Front Range swing March 2-4.


Something to grouse about The Colorado Division of Wildlife is seeking volunteers willing to commit three days to participate in a survey of the sharp-tailed grouse breeding site.


Allen promoted to banking officer Adonna Allen has been promoted to banking officer at Alpine Bank of Steamboat Springs. Allen was instrumental in the opening of the branch here.


The bigger (looking), the better

Are you thinking about selling your home? How can you make it "bigger" and better looking without spending a cent?


Briefs from March 4-10



MARCH 4-10

Zeno Wall JR.


Effie May Bailey



Births from Feb. 20 to March 2

ASKED & ANSWERED: Getting the facts on wax

Any snowrider has experienced that sticky, coarse, rigid feeling of a snowboard or skis that haven't been waxed in the last couple of months, or maybe since last season. To get the best out of that pricey ski pass, we've asked the experts who tune and wax your snowriding equipment every day, what's the best way to keep it in good condition


Building permits for Feb. 26-28

Trucker's death haunts sister

'Instead of putting another family through it, he would take himself'

Wendell Dewane Grimm always told his family that if he was ever put in a position where his occupation put anyone in danger, he would take no chances and "take it himself." Grimm, 43, died March 2 after an accident on Rabbit Ears Pass near milepost 141. The Cheyenne, Wyo., man apparently lost control of a semitrailer pulling a flat bed trailer carrying cinder blocks.