Asked & Answered: Is the cold getting old?


During the day, the sun does its best to poke through the clouds to spread a little warmth, but at night, there are still only two kinds of temperatures: cold and freakin' cold!

We've asked some locals how they handle their frigid forays into the night.

Cuddling by the fire with a loved one or a loved book seems to be the most popular pastime.

Bruce Caplowe, owner of Zing, said his house has been a revolving door of kids and company all winter. He wants to take that perfect winter evening, spend it with his loved ones, watch an old movie or play soft music.

"I would definitely spend it at home, cuddled up with a nice bottle of wine," Caplowe said.

Tuesday night he said he served 10 guests for dinner. But as the days get a little warmer, Caplowe said he's ready for spring.

"March 1 is a huge milestone for me," Caplowe said.

Jill Ackerman, owner of Kali's Boutique, and manager Barbi Johnston, said they would go out for a candlelit dinner at their favorite restaurant, then go out dancing at a club on the mountain and return to their private hot tubs.

"Sipping on a cosmopolitan as you're approaching midnight or 2 a.m. hot-tubbing," Johnston said.

But there's still snow to be had and mountains of it to ski or ride, said Whit McLeod, bartender at the Tap House. Once off the mountain, McLeod said, having a drink and heading home to relax is his idea of a nice evening.

"Maybe I'll have a beer or two, or a shot or two," McLeod said. "But hanging out with my girlfriend, watching a movie and having a fire" would be perfect.

Joan Peters, co-owner of Serenity Spa, said a facial or a massage is how she would spend the evening. That's a reason she's in this business.

"I don't even want to go out, I just want to go home," Peters said. "Just sit in front of the fire and melt."

Peters said that especially for working women, taking the time to unwind is important. Reaching that ultimate relaxation stage through a facial or massage also will energize you at home, she said.

Compiled by Kelly Silva


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