Ski Time Square meeting set


— The public will get a second chance today to voice opinions about four alternatives being offered by the city to reduce traffic problems in Ski Time Square.

The public hearing will be held at 6 p.m. at Olympian Hall. Public Works Manager Jim Weber said the meeting will have the same format as one held June 11.

Property owners voiced varied opinions at the last meeting, where four different variations on a mid-block turnaround were presented. The turnaround will allow buses to pick up and drop off passengers before they reach the front of the Tugboat restaurant.

Plans included special lanes that allowed city and shuttle buses to perform passenger drop-offs and pick-ups without disrupting the traffic flow. Concerns were voiced from the owners' side regarding the plans' effectiveness and the possibility of adjusting property fronts; there were also discussions regarding pedestrian safety and how well the plans would accommodate the 40-foot city buses. All four plans require certain businesses to make adjustments to their front areas, changing or moving curbs, as well as pedestrian crossing points.

The existing situation has buses going all the way through Ski Time Square Drive and turning on private land. The turnaround idea was designed to limit a potentially dangerous situation with buses having to maneuver through traffic in a circuit of businesses and restaurants.

The Public Works Department will take the four plans for the mid-block turnaround to the Planning Commission and the City Council after today's meeting.

The City Council will have to approve a final plan for the project, which is expected to cost a half-million dollars.

For more information, call the Public Works Administration at 879-2060.


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