Sailors sports seeking 'right fit'


— Currently there are no burning fires in Sailors sports, and there is no reason to rush the search to find a new athletics director at Steamboat Springs High School, an official said Monday.

The school has taken more than 20 applications for the spot since Steve Moos announced he would be stepping down to head back into the classroom last May.

"We would have like to have hired someone by now," said Mike Knezevich, assistant principal. "But we are not going to hire just to hire."

Knezevich, who is heading the committee that will recommend a person to take the athletics director position, said the school hasn't found the right fit just yet.

The new person will have to handle the details of running the Sailors sporting programs and must also be able to teach a leadership class.

"We've had a large amount of applications, but a lot of them are just not what we are looking for," Knezevich said.

So last week the school reopened the application process and will run through a few of the applications from the first round as well, as the search for the new athletics director continues.

Knezevich said the school wants to find a person who will be on board for the long haul. This has been a hard task because the position is not paid as an administrative position they are paid at the teacher's rate.

"We are not feeling the crunch yet," Knezevich said.

He added the school has not set any deadlines on hiring a new athletics director.

School Superintendent Cyndy Simms said the committee will recommend a person to the school board and in turn the board will hire the new director. However, she said the process of finding the person will take place at the high school level.

"We try not to get involved," Simms said. "It's important for the committee to make the choice."

The process, however, may be slowing the replacement of several coaches who left the Sailors last year.

Steamboat currently has openings for a girls soccer coach and a wrestling coach.

Knezevich said girls soccer coach Jim Dudley and his assistants have stayed involved enough to get the girls soccer program through the offseason. The school also has some time to make a new selection because that is a spring sport.

School officials have also talked to several people about the wrestling position, which has been vacated by coach Chris Decker. Knezevich said the school feels comfortable about filling that position quickly once a new athletics director has been hired.

"We want that person to be involved with the hires of these new coaches," Knezevich said. "That person will have to work with the new coaches and should have a say in who we select."


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