Inmate denied good time credit


— A Routt County inmate caught drinking peppermint schnapps while confined at the jail in February will have to serve his entire jail sentence of two years.

On Friday afternoon, 14th Judicial District Judge Joel S. Thompson sentenced Alfred John Flood to 10 months in the Routt County Jail.

The 10 months signifies the amount of good time credit Flood could have earned on a two-year jail sentence he is serving.

"The jail took away any good time behavior," said Norm Townsend, Flood's attorney. "He will serve an extra 10 months in jail because of this offense. He is being punished with an extra 10 months."

Flood, 21, pleaded guilty to possession of contraband, a class two misdemeanor.

The charge stemmed from the evening of Feb. 6. Flood and a second inmate, James Todd Reimer, were baking cookies in the jail's kitchen when they were caught with the liquor.

At the time, the two inmates worked as trusties in the jail.

Reimer, 30, allegedly left the jail to purchase the schnapps from a nearby liquor store. Reimer allegedly left the jail facility when he was let out to throw out trash and shovel snow. He faces felony and misdemeanor charges.

Because of the incident, Flood and Reimer are no longer allowed to work in the jail.

Flood apologized for his actions.

"I apologize for being a burden on the court," Flood said.

The Phippsburg man is serving a two-year jail sentence for a conviction of third-degree assault on a peace officer.

Flood received the jail term for spitting on Steamboat Springs Police officers in the early morning hours of Sept. 11.

With Thompson's sentence, Flood will be released from the county jail in September 2002.


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