TIME TO LOOK DEEPERThank you Robbin and Mary for your comments on Dr. (Cherryl) Sage. Her professionalism is to be commended.
It is time to look deeper to see where lies the source of the problems in our school district.
As taxpayers and parents, we must begin a thorough investigation and "weed out" our choking district.
During the past two years, our search for answers regarding the lack of special education services for behaviorally disabled children has demonstrated that our district is years behind.
We were told: "If you want services, move. We don't have them, and we're not getting them."
We must look at the rule makers who create policy and practice based on their interpretation of the law rather than on the law itself. The federal I.D.E.A. laws are very clear. District RE-2 is not in compliance.
It is time for a change in leadership; leaders who put our children first and their own selfish interests last.
Our children are the future. Our teachers are hamstrung by district policy and by administrators who choose to "go along" and not rock the boat.
Our school board must demand an across-the-board step down and an investigation into policies and practices. Let's have "clean up day" in District RE-2. Our special-needs kids have been "wished away" long enough!
Linda Rikkie
Steamboat Springs

PIKE REMOVAL PLANAs an avid fly fisherman, I read with interest the recent article in the Today concerning the states recent removal of 200 pike from the Yampa River.
But the program seems a little pricey at $95,000 or $475 per pike removed. Instead, how about a bounty of $25 per pike, over whatever length the Division of Wildlife prefers. You would get ride of a lot more pike for a lot less money.
Hill Blackett
Steamboat Springs

THE CHINA SYNDROMEDespite all the political kid gloves, it's actually quite unimaginable that ordinary Americans would care about trade with China.
Indeed, the often inferior clothes, shoes and tools made in this communist country are perceived to threaten American jobs and have never been well accepted, nor should they.
The Nixon trip apparently began an alliance of greedy American business interests with Chinese communist thugs to form extremely profitable industries all on the backs of essentially slaves with little chance to pursue happiness or liberty. It's immoral and categorically
Since no rational person believes hundreds of billions in trade deficits can possibly benefit America, let's go to the home store and buy a pipe wrench. There's a bright red one made in China for $10 or a lifetime USA tool for $16. The cheap ones sell twice as fast but soon become dull and useless. And, of course, if it weren't for them the domestic product could be sold for 10 bucks and we wouldn't be headed for recession.
One thing's certain, politicians must be getting a whole lot more from China than we are.
Dan Hayes

Will somebody please logically explain/justify to me why commercial tubing has been so restricted on the Yampa, but commercial kayaking is permitted to put in at the east end of town (Mount Werner Road) and make full use of the river through town? Maybe if the bikers and joggers get together, we can ban rollerblading and skateboarding on the bike path! It just doesn't make sense that a town like Steamboat, that is so family oriented, would restrict such a great family activity.
Second question:
Are kayakers and fly fishermen exempt from the leash law in Steamboat? Just wondering.
Barbara Campbell
Steamboat Springs

THANKS STEAMBOATOn behalf of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, I would like to thank all of the Steamboat Springs volunteers who assisted with our dog and cat Adopt-A-Thon on the courthouse lawn June 9 and 10.
We had a successful weekend, adopting out many of the dogs that we brought from our Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. We brought larger breed dogs that we typically have difficulty adopting out in the desert Southwest. We are confident that they will have a much higher quality of life in Steamboat Springs. The Steamboat/Routt County shelter also had a very successful weekend, adopting out many more dogs and cats than they would have otherwise.
There were too many volunteers to mention by name here, but I want to thank the staff at the Steamboat/Routt County animal shelter, Bruce and Mary Styerwalt, the Routt County Humane Society and the Animal Assistance League of Northwest Colorado for their hospitality, dedication and enthusiasm!
Chaz Blackmore
Mobile Adoption Coordinator
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Kanab, Utah

CAUSE FOR CONCERNI'm very upset with the way our new president is acting. He is spending all of our money on weapons and not on schools and the environment. In his acceptance speech, he said he would help the schools provide a better education and buy more supplies. But he hasn't done any of that. He also said that he was going to help make a better and more peaceful world, and he's just preparing to kill it. Bush is ruining our national parks by permitting the oil companies to drill for oil. Bush's actions are putting the world at risk and it affects all of us.
Two very inspired girls just trying to make a difference.
Sabra Severinghaus
and Amber Sachs
Steamboat Springs


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