Food-stamp trafficker deported


— Sascha Karl Fischer's stay in the country has ended because of his felony conviction for buying $4,000 worth of food when $10,000 was mistakenly credited to his food stamp account.

The German man pleaded guilty to trafficking food stamps earlier this week in front of 14th Judicial District Judge Richard P. Doucette.

Fischer was picked up from the Routt County Jail by officials from the Immigration and Naturalization Service and is on his way out of the country, Routt County Sheriff John Warner said Thursday.

Fischer "is being deported back to Germany," Warner said.

Fischer was taken into custody by the federal agency on Tuesday.

A day earlier, Fischer, 26, pleaded guilty to the class four felony after a plea agreement was worked out between his attorney, William Schurman, and Deputy District Attorney Elizabeth Wittemyer.

For the guilty plea, Fischer was sentenced by Doucette to 90 days in jail, six years of probation and ordered to pay $4,000 in restitution. Doucette also ordered Fischer to pay $1,160 for the 116 days he spent in the Routt County Jail.

With Fischer's deportation, Wittemyer and Warner said Thursday the money Fischer owes in restitution and cost for care are unlikely to be paid.

"If he gets deported, then probably not," Wittemyer said of the restitution. "I don't think he will be sending money from Germany."

Warner agrees.

"It is questionable at this point," he said. "We are certainly not going to bring him back into the country so he can pay."

Bob White, director of Routt County Human Services, is satisfied with the way the case turned out.

"We don't have to go through a trial, which is a major advantage," White said.


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