Officer reportedly almost run over

Oak Creek woman arrested for 'riding while intoxicated'


— An Oak Creek woman faces numerous charges after being arrested Tuesday night for trying to run over a police officer with a horse she was riding.

Forty-one-year-old Eve Louise Balazs is charged with second-degree assault, resisting arrest, criminal mischief and riding an animal under the influence. The assault is a felony; the other charges are misdemeanors.

According to state statutes, it is unlawful for an intoxicated person to walk or ride an animal on a road used by vehicle traffic.

Balazs appeared in Routt County Court Wednesday afternoon. Judge James Garrecht set the woman's bond at $5,000, which she posted later in the day. Balazs could not be reached for comment.

Balazs was arrested just after 9 p.m. Tuesday after Oak Creek Police Officer David Lee Miller Jr. stopped Balazs and her horse at the intersection of Main Street and Moffat Avenue.

Miller said the woman refused to cooperate with him and tried to run him over with the horse. He said he had to use force and pepper spray to take the woman into custody.

"It disturbs me," Oak Creek Police Chief Tom Ling said of the incident. "I'm sorry the whole thing happened."

The officer stopped the woman because Oak Creek has a municipal ordinance that prohibits horse riding within the town's limits, and police received a complaint regarding the woman, Ling said.

According to court records, to stop the woman Miller activated his vehicle's emergency flashers.

Once out of the vehicle, Miller ordered the woman off the horse because he suspected she was intoxicated. Balazs refused to cooperate, ignored numerous requests by Miller to get off the horse and attempted to ride away, the officer said.

Miller said he grabbed the reins of the horse and attempted to stop the animal.

According to Miller's report, Balazs was "kicking the horse and trying to run me over."

Miller stopped the animal, but Balazs kicked Miller in the chest, he said in his report.

Miller then took Balazs off the horse, took her to the ground and handcuffed the woman, records show.

Miller said Balazs continued to fight and that he was forced to use his pepper spray. The substance also got into Miller's eyes, Ling said.

At this time, some volunteer firefighters and a Colorado State Trooper came to the officer's aid, Ling said.

On Wednesday, Ling reviewed Miller's action.

"It seems to me on the face of it, (Miller) did what was reasonable and prudent," Ling said. "I will review it further, but it appears the officer did what he had to do."

During the incident, Miller's pager was damaged, prompting the criminal mischief charge.

Her next court appearance is set for 1 p.m. Aug. 1.


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