She can talk to the animals

Animal communicator to offer seminar here


— When Joan Ranquet visits a barn of horses, there is often more chatting than riding.

Ranquet, an animal communicator and healer, will teach beginning animal communication Sunday in Steamboat.

Ranquet says that her workshop begins with a meditation followed by a session with an animal that is asked some questions.

The people in the group respond to what they feel, see or hear. According to Ranquet, the way people communicate with animals is based on individual experience.

"With a background in writing, I usually receive verbal messages," she said.

If a person has experience in photography, she says, they likely will receive messages that are more visual in nature.

Ranquet's method for enhancing intuition initially involves learning to clear the mind.

Regina Wendler had Ranquet diagnose a problem with her horse. Wendler said Ranquet was able to identify an injury the horse had suffered on its front ankle simply by looking at a picture of the horse.

Ranquet conducted a session with the horse, and told Wendler the horse feared that his Wendler was not going to be around for long.

For Wendler this made perfect sense she was pregnant and had been spending less and less time with her horse. Wendler said her horse improved after the session.

Most people, like Wendler, have an overall concern for their pet that might otherwise remain unresolved without help, Ranquet said.

Pinpointing physical health problems, talking to a pet before its death and enhancing general communication between a pet and its owner are all areas that Ranquet has used her expertise.


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