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As I drive around Steamboat, I am constantly amazed at the noise level of music being played in cars. Very often it is unbelievably loud and blaring. Loud noise, music etc. can be one of the causes of hearing loss as well as a condition known as tinnitus. Tinnitus is the sensation of sounds in the ear, such as ringing, buzzing, whistling or hissing, and it may be intermittent or continuous. It can go from annoying to debilitating. It is a difficult condition to live with and there is no known cure. Knowledge and preventative measures can go a long way in protecting one's hearing.

Mary Lea Corbett
Steamboat Springs

This letter is to comment on Reporter Doug Crowl's article regarding the Jan. 9 ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court which overturned the (U.S. Army) Corps of Engineers' ruling that the corps has jurisdiction over isolated wetlands that may be in the flyway of migratory birds.

Just because a puddle will float a duck doesn't give the corps jurisdiction. The ruling of the court is long overdue. Farmers and ranchers have been operating under the threats of the corps, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other agencies for fines of $25,000 per day if a farmer or rancher doesn't comply with their interpretation of the Environmental Protection Act. This can put a person especially a family farmer/rancher out of business real quick.

Many times the corps' interpretation is not consistent with the intent of Congress.

Even though the environmentalists may howl and cry, we need to apply the test of reason if we are going to protect the environment and also have food and energy to support society without pampering it. A good example of the effect of extremism is the shortage of electricity in California versus a desired lifestyle.

Forrest Frentress

I have friends who live in Steamboat and on Saturday night (Jan. 20) we had the treat of being able to see a mutual friend play hockey against your local women's team. I had never had a chance to see her play before and was very much looking forward to it.

My wife and my friends went to the end of the Howelsen Ice Arena in order to have some space since we were going to be backing the visiting team. About halfway through the period a group of boys/men started to gather on the bleachers next to us. I would guess that they were 17-21 years old and there must have been 15 or so in the group. They were obviously already drunk and were actually drinking beers in the arena, not to mention several of them were smoking. I don't really have a problem with smoking and drinking, it just didn't seem appropriate considering the venue.

These guys proceeded to completely ruin our evening by constantly screaming at the players. Most of the comments were limited to the oh-so imaginative "you suck" and "I want to see a fight." However, some of the comments were extremely vulgar.

In the third period, the game had to be stopped as the referee went to the Steamboat captain to ask her to get control of the situation. The result of this was a very weak request from "someone in the booth" to ask the guys to not tell the skaters that they "sucked." So the group kept screaming vulgar remarks that did not include "you suck."

So my question here is, how on earth can this be tolerated in a public place? Why didn't one of the ice arena staff members call the police? These guys should have been kicked out of the arena after five minutes.

As a vistor to Steamboat, I am pretty disappointed in the complete lack of anyone to take charge of this situation. What would happen on the mountain if something like this occured? I bet it would have been swiftly delt with.

Brian Warden
Fort Collins

I would like to commend the (lady) Sailors for the extremely classy thing they did at their game in Craig Jan. 16.

For those who don't know, one of the girls in Craig was diagnosed last summer with a rare cancer and has since undergone extensive and expensive treatment. The Sailors raised funds to help defray the family's expenses and presented them during the game. These young women have truly earned the name, "Ladies," and deserve all the recognition they can get for this very classy action.

Frank Yoast


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