Super Sunday


— Eyes and ears will be fixated on the tube this Super Bowl Sunday to watch the New York Giants and the Baltimore Ravens in a show-off event for the world to view. This year CBS has the advantage of broadcasting Super Bowl XXXV in Tampa, and with dozens of 30-second million dollar advertisements, the network will make enough money for the next three years.

For many, the first beers will be drunk and the first bag of chips ripped open for pregame at 10 a.m. on Sunday, preceding the day's lazy activities during the year's most widely-viewed television event. With that, most bellies should be full of beer and food, and ready for the 4 p.m. game.

Super Bowl is not just another day of football, but a day that represents the season's best teams. But for some Steamboat Broncos fans, the day will be either spent on the slopes or watching the game with little enthusiasm because their favorite team didn't make it.

Spirited fans will pride themselves in knowing every player, every stat and every play of the game this Sunday.

Tim Borden, resident of Steamboat for 27 years, said he's going to Tampa this year with his two buddies and his son. His preference of the American Football Conference, which has won two of the last 16 Super Bowls played, will lead Borden to root for the Ravens (they being in the same conference as the Broncos), he said.

"I'm looking forward to the entertainment this year. Tampa Bay has a great venue this year with Aerosmith and 'N Sync playing, someone singing the national anthem and the Blue Angels flying overhead," Borden said.

He said this year is going to be more of a "circus" because of the entertainment and because the teams are focusing more on the defense.

"The offense has gotten lost," Borden said of both teams. "And I like to see balance in a game."

Gary Saxe, owner of Tap House Sports Grill for almost three years, said he will open the doors at 2 p.m. Sunday and is giving away many prizes in a raffle.

"Super Bowl is like our New Year's Eve," Saxe said of Super Bowl Sunday. "I don't expect it to be much different than last year."

Saxe said he will have drink specials during the game and three 100-inch TVs and two 48-inch big projection TVs. Tap House will house 35 screens in all that can be seen from anywhere in the sports bar.

The Sheraton is putting two screen TVs in the bar and El Rancho, Old Town Pub, The Tugboat and many other bars will have drink and appetizer specials and their TVs on the game. Doesn't seem like Steamboat residents are getting extremely siked over the Giants and Ravens.

Men running across a large plastic field in pads and helmets pummeling into each other over a ball is not very stimulating to many women. But for at least one day of the year, women sit back and let their spouses, boyfriends or significant others revel in total bliss that they have nothing else to do that Super Bowl Sunday except sit in front of the tube and pretend that they could've made that play so much better. Here's a few etiquette pointers from Shana Koren Meier-Belcher, a "girlfriend of the gridiron."

If you've got a TV larger than 27 inches, DO NOT suggest that you watch the game at your place (unless you're ready to spend the rest of your life with him and all of his buddies).

NEVER touch the remote control, not even when asked. The remote is sacred on Super Bowl Sunday.

Always bring at least a six pack of something other than light beer and the largest bag of chips you can find. To score extra points, bring a pizza with all the artery-clogging toppings.

Sit away from the TV to avoid flailing arms, toppled beer and flying nachos.

DO NOT ever walk in front of the TV during the game for any reason, unless you're volunteering to go on a beer run.

If you're going to the kitchen, ALWAYS ask if anyone needs a cold one - you may be lucky to be invited back next year.

NEVER make fun of any of the team's cheerleaders - unless you really don't want to be invited back next year.

Always leave within one half hour after the game is over. Stay any longer and it could get ugly.

Choose a winning beer


With so many local microbrews in Colorado, you should be able to find something unique to every one that goes well with every food. Here are a handful of examples.

With spicy or acidic dishes (like Steak Taquitos), pour a lighter-bodied brew. Look for a crisp beer that leaves a fresh aftertaste. Nothing cloying.

Pair rich or meaty foods (like Beef Carbonnade) with a darker, more malty beer.

Red Tail Ale, for instance, is well suited by the slight yeastiness and fruitiness of an easy drinking ale. It is perfectly balanced with fresh hop flavor and not too heavy in body, to go well with black beans and vegetables.

With most foods, avoid extremely or artificially flavored concoctions. Raspberry-flavored wheat beers, hoppy India Pale Ales or roasty stouts can be overwhelming.

But if having something like a venison chili, try Rogue-N-Berry Ale which matches a marionberry from the Pacific Northwest with the deeply flavored strew.

For Cuban-spiced cuisine of South Florida, Epicurious Food recommends the clean taste of a lager, such as Brooklyn Lager. This brew's mild flavor makes it a great quencher and its dry finish leaves a clean palate.

Microbrews in general may be too filling for some people to drink through several hours. A perfect solution is one of the imported light beers, such as the popular Amstel Light. These imports have the satisfying flavor of beer, but an extremely light body (and fewer calories), quenching your thirst until the final touchdown.

For the drivers and others who want to share the fun but not the hard stuff, offer one of the flavorful imported non-alcoholic brews on the market - Kaliber or Clausthaler, for example. These brands are distributed, respectively, by Guinness and Labatt, and should be available wherever their other labels are sold.


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