See you Sunday


This is it the last mid-week Steamboat Pilot. The next time you read this newspaper, it will have a new name and a new publication day.

The Steamboat Pilot is becoming the Steamboat Pilot & Today, and it's moving from Wednesday to Sunday. The first Sunday issue will hit doorsteps, mailboxes and newsstands Jan. 28.

By moving the Pilot to Sunday, we will be able to give readers like you seven days of local news and sports coverage every week Steamboat Today Monday through Saturday and the Steamboat Pilot & Today on Sunday.

It's certainly a big change for us, and you.

While we know we won't please all of our

readers, we're confident that the move to Sunday and the other changes we're making to Routt County's newspaper of record are steps in the

right direction.

One of the biggest changes will be the amount of information we're going to give you. Simply put, you're going to get more. Local news and sports will continue to be the Pilot's focus, but starting Jan. 28, you'll also be able to read state, national and world news, as well as syndicated columnists and a Sunday magazine. Additionally, we've added color comics, a horoscope and crossword puzzle.

To be sure, there will be more news in your

newspaper, but not everything you've gotten used to will make it to Sunday. We're leaving a few elements behind in this issue, and a few others won't be in the same place.

You won't find the staff column "Walking the plank" in the Steamboat Pilot & Today. We'll

leave editorial commentary to the leadership of the newspaper and to selected columnists. By freeing our reporters from commentary responsibilities, we'll allow them to focus even more attention on fair and accurate reporting.

You won't find a Correspondents page in the new Sunday paper either. Instead, we're going to put the words of those writers in other parts of the paper. Our South Routt column will move to our South Routt page. The other writers will be found in a new section called Sunday Style.

That section is also where you'll find one of our favorites, "The Way it Was," written by Jean Wren.

The Ship's Log and Agriculture pages aren't making the move to Sunday either. But don't think we've abandoned that content. Rather, we've just done a bit of reorganizing, like we did with our correspondents. For example, most agriculture stories will be found in the Business section, because most of those stories deal with the tough business of farming and ranching.

We've tried to make the new Pilot & Today familiar in a lot of ways. But it's also going to be plenty different, and we know that will take some getting used to. As always, we're interested in our readers' opinions. So we encourage you to let us know what you think.

It's time to say "goodbye" to one era at the Steamboat Pilot and say "hello" to a new one.

We sure hope to see you Sunday.


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