'Tis the season at the Oak Creek Post Office

Kindergartners help spread holiday cheer


— Students at South Routt Elementary School used their creativity to add some holiday cheer to downtown Oak Creek.

The kindergarten classes of Peggy Barnes and Mary Shanklin made likenesses of Santa Claus to hang in the windows of the Oak Creek Post Office.

The children bring their holiday projects throughout the year to display in the post office's windows, Oak Creek Postmaster Nancy Peckham said.

"It's quite a place for artwork," Peckham said. "We welcome the kids' work.

"It really brightens things around here."

Many children accompany their parents to the post office to point out their project, she said.

With almost 30 Santas hanging in the window, the 5- and 6-year-olds wrote their names on the back of their work.

The children agreed they didn't want to get one jolly old St. Nick mixed up with another.

Aaron Herzog carefully outlined the details of his Santa to set his compilation of paper and glue apart from his classmates' Santas.

"I put a collar on him and boots and made him a belt," Herzog, 5, said as he held up his man in red. "Just like this."

Five-year-old Jessica Miller paid particular attention to the facial features on her Santa.

"I made his face really peachy," she said.

A big smile was important, too, Miller added.

Students like William Longwell tried to maximize the potential of their cotton balls.

They fluffed and pulled the cotton balls to cover much of Santa's face and some of his round belly.

"Santa should have a big beard," said Longwell, 6.

Barnes and Shanklin said their students have celebrated much of December with ongoing crafts and projects.

"We do this every year, making ornaments and Christmas gifts in class," Shanklin said. "The kids really get into it."

Her students' small contribution to Oak Creek's downtown dr means a lot to the students, their parents and passersby, Barnes said.

"It's nice to look at the windows and see them all decorated with festive signs of the season," she said.

"The kids are proud of their, work and the locals get a smile from it."


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