Clue No. 1
Last year, near Sheraton's golfing ground
Was where the old Yule Log was found.
From that start, there's a new place to go,
So make your tracks in the snow.

Clue No. 2
Don't go up, you might get lost.
You can play where there's no cost.
Should you go where life is grand?
Or take a chance toward diamond land?

Clue No. 3
If Mount Werner were your guide,
You'd have sunset on the facing side,
Many a soul have passed this way,
Eons ago, and still today.

Clue No. 4
From the alpine hamlet gaze
'Cross the golden triangle of yesterdays.
Can you see Carl's far-off perch?
The land between deserves a search.

Clue No. 5
If barns mark the Wild, Wild West,
Then this has stood the age old test.
Continue now beyond that site.
In your quest, the direction's right.

Clue No. 6
Four and nothing you should consider.
That's a clue - I'm no kidder.
Face the old, now addition,
The land is large, that's tradition.

Clue No. 7
Make your turn near lofty treasures,
About 500 paces by my measures.
Ranch, leap and lake is the tale
Side by side, there's the trail.


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