Woman allegedly writes bad check, charged


— A 37-year-old Oregon woman faces numerous felony charges after she allegedly passed a bad check and entered a hotel room through a balcony.

Jacqueline Lucille Turcotte was arrested Monday night after she allegedly purchased close to $500 worth of jewelry with a fraudulent check the day before.

As authorities were investigating Turcotte Monday evening at the Sheraton Steamboat Resort, she allegedly went outside of her fifth-floor hotel room and climbed across three balconies. At the time, security personnel were waiting for Turcotte outside her hotel room.

According to court records, Turcotte allegedly entered a man's hotel room through the balcony.

She faces felony charges of second-degree burglary, first-degree trespass, theft and fraud by check.

On Tuesday afternoon, Turcotte appeared in front of Routt County Judge James Garrecht. At the request of Assistant District Attorney Kerry St. James, Garrecht set the woman's bond at $20,000.

St. James said the woman could face additional charges.

"She is somebody who was found to be in possession of computer programs to make checks and false birth certificates," St. James said. "The investigation is unfolding as we speak."

Turcotte asked Garrecht to lower the bond amount.

"I have cooperated with the detectives and been truthful," she said.

"I'm not going to run. The bond sounds a little high."

Turcotte will be back in court at 1 p.m. today because St. James expects charges will be formally filed.

Police began investigating Turcotte Monday afternoon, when she allegedly tried to cash a $600 check at the resort, 2200 Village Inn Court.

At the scene, investigators spoke to a Silver Lining employee who reported Turcotte allegedly used a fraudulent check to purchase a topaz necklace and earrings and a pair of amber earrings. The jewelry is valued at $480, records show.

The jewelry was found in Turcotte's purse, records show.

As police were investigating the check, Turcotte allegedly packed up her vehicle with her belongings, court records show.

During the investigation, Turcotte was allowed to go back into her hotel room with a hotel security guard, records show.

As the security guard waited outside the room, Turcotte was seen walking out of a room three doors down, records show.

The man in the room told police he wished to press charges for Turcotte entering the room through the balcony, records show.


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