Day-care project proposed

Planning Commission to review plans for Mid-Valley Park


— Bill Rangitsch will present the latest sketches for a project with a 20-year history in the city's permitting process to the Planning Commission tonight to try to get a major development permit for an eight-lot commercial subdivision.

The Steamboat Crossings project is an attempt by the developers to build a 5,986-square-foot day-care facility and a 21,410- square-foot office building and allow the other six lots to be developed later pending future development permits.

The development history of this parcel stretches back to 1980, when the Planning Commission approved with conditions a request to subdivide a 10-acre parcel into eight lots.

Since then, buildings have been built in the area, including such businesses as Toys in the Attic.

But the new plan would expand development in the area to portions that were previously approved but not developed.

The parcels are located in what used to be the Mid-Valley Business Park off U.S. Highway 40 and Pine Grove Road.

The Mid-Valley Business Park's development permit from 1995 has expired.

Now, Rangitsch and the developers want to subdivide lots 2, 3 and 6 of the Mid-Valley Business Park to make way for the day-care facility and the office building.

The day-care facility has already drawn an interested tenant, Rangitsch said.

The building will have one story and a flat roof so it will both accommodate snow without the fear that it will slide, and be low enough not to intimidate small children.

"Kids can kind of relate to the size of it," Rangitsch said.

The site design allows for looped access road with parking lots on either end.

While the site is designed for vehicular access, it is also fairly pedestrian-friendly, noted Planner Scott Woodford.


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