Although May flowers are supposed to follow April showers, April has not been so prosperous for Steamboat Springs.

In fact, according to my colleague, Tom Ross, mud season can be much nastier than it has been for the past three years.

So you may want to keep this handy for a rainy day.

We've asked some locals what fun ways they keep themselves entertained for that rainy day.

Virginia Rangitsch of The Tile and Carpet Shoppe has bundles of ideas under her belt.

"Me? Myself? On a rainy day? I read a lot. I read books, novels, mysteries," Rangitsch said.

Hanging out with her kids playing board games, such as Scrabble, also makes the day go by faster and creates quality family time.

Debby Beilhartz of Homebuyers Mortgage of Steamboat Springs said hanging out with her 12-year-old son usually takes up most of her time on rainy days.

When Beilhartz's son complains of nothing to do on these days, she recommends that he read a book or clean his room.

Beilhartz said sometimes he'll build model cars or planes.

Beilhartz said she's usually stuck inside all day during the work week, but tries to get over to the bike path during lunch and get some exercise by walking.

Karen Vail from Yampatika said she also likes to walk in the rain, but reading suspense books and playing board games have to make due when the sky decides to open the shower curtain.

Vail also said that many children come into Yampatika to read books and play with the puppets.

"They just come in and sit on the floor and do little puppet shows," Vail said. "We love to have that. We encourage kids to do that."

Compiled by Kelly Silva


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