Eggceptional designs


The Easter Bunny will soon be on his way, visiting families across the country, hiding colored eggs for children to run out and find them.

To help you create the most brightly colored or eccentric looking eggs, we asked locals around town for their decorating tips.

Gail Holthausen, owner of Potters Wheel, said quite often there is no time to read the directions, but she uses the same principles with dying Easter eggs as she does with glazing.

"When I glaze, I have to go from light to dark, it's the same with Easter eggs," Holthausen said. "Light colors won't make a difference on top of dark colors."

A color like yellow, representing the glow of the sun, is a pleasing hue, but dipping an egg into dark colors and then yellow will make your egg a murky brown color, Holthausen said.

"And using the wax resistance is fun. You can color right on top of the first colors or directly on the white egg," Holthausen said.

Last year, Holthausen said she bought a display for her eggs, because she didn't want anyone to eat them after they'd been sitting outside for so long.

Sandra McMahon, kindergarten teacher at Kinderhaus, also said that using wax crayons helps liven up the shell of a hard-boiled egg.

Tom and Amy Smith of Colorado Embroidery Co. say a little cloth can go a long way.

"Embroider a cute little bunny," Amy said. "Then cut out a hole where the bunny's stomach is and an egg would show through where the stomach is."

Kate Flood at Old Town Interiors said you don't want anything harmful to soak into the egg, so using natural substances is the best way to color eggs. Flood recommends using berry juices, such as blueberries, raspberries or blackberries.

"I'll give you a Martha Stewart tip. If you had beets, you could probably soak your eggs in (the juice)," Kate said, adding that sometimes hens will produce wild-colored eggs.

"Also tea bags give a more natural color to the egg," Kate said. "Let the tea bag steep," dunk your egg in, "and let it dry."

Compiled by Kelly Silva


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