Potential controversy averted

Sieverding replat approved with little difficulty


— About 15 audience members and a police officer looked on as Kay Sieverding leafed through 107 pages of documentation about the consolidation of her property into two lots.

Sieverding said she was worried that previous disputes with the city could put her in jeopardy of losing the chance to subdivide her lot and she made sure to cover all possible concerns with her application.

Despite some dissent from neighbors about the application, planning staff and Planning Commission found it to be in compliance with the Community Development Code and the Steamboat Springs Area Plan.

The commission placed one additional condition on the unanimous approval, dealing with a complaint by local resident Cedar Beauregard that Princeton Avenue, which Sieverding's property abuts, needs to be widened. Princeton Avenue may be used as a second access point to a duplex lot behind Sieverding's house if a duplex is built, and Planning Commission decided it should have to eventually be improved if more people are allowed to use it.

Though the replat met all city codes and could have been approved by the planning director without a traditional public hearing process, written objections from members of the surrounding neighborhood made the city bring the application to a hearing.

A variety of members of the public spoke out against the proposal, concerned that the possibility of a duplex on the new lot would not fit in with the character of the neighborhood.

Tom Steitz, who lives across Pawintah Street from Sieverding, said he thought the new lot did not conform to the character of the rest of the neighborhood. Steitz did not want a duplex in what he characterized as a neighborhood of single-family homes.

"After 60 years with no duplex and no dual access, I'm (dismayed) we can allow one now," Steitz said.

The application will still have to go through City Council before it receives final approval.


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