County planning panel updating master plan


— The Routt County Planning Commission met Thursday night to discuss updates to the county's master plan.
Commission members focused on transportation, wildlife and wildfires.
One of the first issues brought up was how people moving further out into county sometimes ask the board of commissioners to come in and plow their roads.
Planning Commission members all agreed the master plan should make it clear that in most cases, the county would not maintain minimum maintenance roads. Those are the roads not plowed during the winter and left unmaintaned during other seasons.
"It's buyer beware," said commissioner Diane Mitsch Bush. "If you want the county to plow your road, don't buy it."
Another transportation discussion involved the issue of bicyclists and walkers versus motorized vehicles.
The commission members said the master plan should encourage developers and the county to work on separating bike and pedestrian paths from motorized vehicles as much as possible.
If that isn't possible, the master plan goes on to say roads should be made wider to accommodate the bikers and walkers.
Planning Commission members also discussed the controversial Amendment 24 ballot initiative which would limit development. Under Amendment 24, any new developments not already in the pipeline by Sep. 13 would have to be voted on.
Commissioner Troy Brookshire said if passed, Amendment 24 would encourage development of 35 acre parcels in the county. The 35 acre parcels are exempt from Amendment 24 rules.
"You'll push growth out into these valleys and landscapes (in the county), something we don't want," he said.
Planner Chad Phillips agreed:"Then we'll have 35-acre sprawl."
The Planning Commission hopes to have a final, updated master plan ready for public comment by the end of November.


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