Soroco Ram goes nautical

Hayne finds home with Sailors


You could never accuse Steamboat Sailors cross-country team runner Matt Hayne of being lazy.

First of all, Hayne is actually moonlighting as a Sailor. His day job is as a Soroco High School senior. In south Routt, that means you're on the football team, where Hayne is a lineman

After the pads were off, Hayne was driving to Steamboat to run with the Sailors cross-country team. On some days, he was running in meets in the morning and hurrying to football games in the evenings.

As if that's not enough, the senior, who proclaims himself to be a math and science kind of guy, is taking college courses at night offered at his high school.

"It's not too hard," Hayne said over the phone. It was 9 p.m. and he had just returned from his college biology lab. "Each work out lends its way to the other."

That may be true. But that amount of energy is coming out of a student that was diagnosed with a general-body-type cell cancer called Burkitts Lymphoma about a year ago. Symptoms first showed up at the state track meet his sophomore year. There, he finished a disappointing eighth in the two-mile race because his knee hurt and he was fatigued. The next September, Hayne was informed that those were symptoms of the cancer.

He went into chemotherapy immediately after the diagnosis and lost 30 pounds, lots of energy and all of his hair.

He managed to catch a few games during basketball season, but the treatments had such of an affect on him that the five-minute miler had to rest after a couple of times up and down the court.

Now, on a serious rebound and no cancer in sight, Hayne is feeling pretty good.

"I think I'm somewhere around 100 percent," he said.

He thinks?

Last weekend in Delta, Hayne logged in his best time ever in a 5-kilometer cross-country race for the Sailors.

He improved from 21 minutes to 17 minutes 59 seconds and was the second Sailor across the line. That effort helped his team earn a spot at the state cross-county meet in Kent this weekend.

Soroco doesn't have a cross-country team, so this is the first time Hayne has participated in the sport, which is a welcomed changed.

Usually, he's running for himself. Now with a team to think about, Hayne is running for points. Plus, he's enjoying the diverse competition the large Steamboat High School goes up against.

"There's a lot more people out there," he said.

Because Soroco's football season ended last week, Hayne is getting a little bit of a break to prepare for state. Then it's a week or two off before basketball practice starts. But that doesn't mean he'll depend on wind sprints for his only workout.

"I'll probably just keep running anyway just to keep in shape," Hayne said.


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