Commissioners narrow search for two key jobs


— Neither a new county manager position nor the less-than-stable communications director job has been filled by the Routt County commissioners, but qualified applicants have been identified.
The commissioners decided in October to hire a county manager to handle day-to-day administrative and supervisory duties.
"We looked at 50 applicants and have narrowed it down to 12 that meet the qualification for the job," Commissioner Ben Beall said.
All but one of the applicants are from outside of Routt County.
The commissioners opted to hire a company to conduct video interviews of the 12 applicants. A set of questions was drafted that each candidate will be asked to answer.
After the videotapes are sent to the county, an appointed committee of nine county employees and community members will review the tapes and narrow the field down again to somewhere between three and seven finalists.
Those people will be brought to the county and personally interviewed by the committee.
The commissioners had originally hoped to have the county manager hired by Jan. 1.
"I'm not sure if we are going to make that date," Beall said.
Because of the holidays, the committee may not be ready to bring the final applicants in until after the first of year.
The pay of the job hasn't been nailed down, either.
"Right now the commissioners have tossed out the $75,000 to $80,000 salary range," county personnel director Chris Hensen said.
However, those numbers are not written in stone and could change depending on the applicant, she said.
The county has offered the communications director job to someone from out of town, Beall said. That person has yet to decide whether to take the position, however.
There are other applicants for the position who are qualified and who will be interviewed if the deal falls through, Beall said.
The new communications director will be the fourth in eight years for the county. The last person to hold the job, Ray Deichsel, lasted less than a year.
The communications director manages the dispatch center at the Routt County Jail.
"It's one of those jobs that isn't very visible," Beall said.
However, it is important, Beall added. The dispatch center receives emergency calls and coordinates police, fire and ambulance coverage throughout the county.

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