Town offering drop-off recycling for first time


— For the first time in Hayden's history, residents will have the opportunity this weekend to recycle without leaving town by dropping off material at a local site.
From 8 a.m. to noon today at the Hayden Mercantile, residents will be able to drop off material that can be recycled.
"We invite everyone out for the first recycling satellite," said Rob Straebel, town manager. "Waste Management will have a recycling truck in the parking lot for material that can be recycled."
Materials that residents can bring to the local grocery store parking lot, 950 W. Jefferson Ave., include newspaper, cardboard, magazines, steel or tin cans, aluminum cans, plastic bottles and glass jars and bottles.
The recycling opportunity, which will be conducted from 8 a.m. to noon every other Saturday, is part of a two-year contract the town negotiated with Waste Management. The satellite recycling cost is included in the increased rate for trash collection in the town.
The new fee that went into effect
Nov. 1 is $15.75 per home and $12.75 for senior citizens. Prior to the new contract, the fee was $12.50 per home and $7.50 for senior citizens.
"We are hoping for a great turnout," said Mike Stinson, the site manager for the trash company. "We want to make a day of it."
The company will have employees at the site today giving residents tips on the easiest ways to collect and store recyclable material, Stinson said.
Straebel believes it is important for residents to take advantage of this opportunity to recycle.
"The local landfill is decreasing in size," he said. "The more material the community can recycle the less waste that will go into the landfill. By recycling, the landfill will last a lot longer."
Recycling has been an option in the past for residents, but never in this type of format.
"It is the first time a satellite drop-off area has been offered to residents," Straebel said. "In the past, Waste Management did offer curbside recycling. The fee for this service was kind of high, so not many people took advantage of the program."
Along with the recycling program, a new fee for large items or bulky waste that residents leave at the curb also goes into effect.
According to the contract, the company is required to collect trash from
96-gallon trash cans residents put out every Tuesday.
Any additional trash left at the curb is subject to an additional fee.
Fees will be charged to residents who leave tires, washers, dryers, stoves, sofas, beds, televisions, microwaves and water heaters. The company will also charge residents a fee for an extra bag of trash when it exceeds three bags.
The fees will range from $1 to $15.
To implement the new fee, Waste Management is requesting customers to contact the company 24 hours in advance that a large item needs to be picked up. The company needs to know in advance because of physical and mechanical limitations for drivers.
Also included in the contract with Waste Management is that its workers will provide toters and recycle bins to residents, along with participating in Hayden Cleanup Days.
Prior to the contract, the town had a two-year contract with High Country Roll-Off. Waste Management took over the contract when it bought out the other company. Earlier this year, town officials looked at different options, including starting up their own trash collection service, to find an alternative other than using the only trash company in the area.
In the end they concluded, however, that the option Waste Management offered the town was the most economical.


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