News for Tuesday, November 7, 2000



Amendment 21, the Tax Cut 2000 plan, rejected

For the first time in the state's history, voters had a chance to provide themselves tax relief. Instead, they overwhelmingly rejected Amendment 21.

Voters OK tax hike for school upgrades

But south Routt public library plan loses at polls

South Routt voters passed the first school bond in 20 years Tuesday night, while the library proposals on the ballot fell short.

Excise tax defeated

Money would have aided affordable housing

The Steamboat Springs referendum to create an excise tax for affordable housing went down hard Tuesday night.

Voters strongly reject development initiative

Routt County voters Tuesday chose to manage their own growing pains and soundly rejected growth control Amendment 24 by 38 percent.

Recreation center idea turned away

A plan that took years to put together was defeated soundly by voters in the Hayden School District Tuesday.

Voters affirm rural fire protection with the city

Voters in the Steamboat Springs Rural Fire Protection District approved a pair of referenda Tuesday night, effectively voting to continue their marriage with the city of Steamboat Springs.

Republicans retain House 56 seat

Al White barely defeats Routt rancher Jay Fetcher

Republican Al White of Winter Park narrowly retained the Colorado House District 56 seat for his party Tuesday night, defeating Democrat Jay Fetcher of Routt County with a 326-vote margin out of almost 31,000 ballots cast.

Taylor headed back to state Legislature

Republican representative wins Senate District 8

Despite losing his home county in a very tight race, state Rep. Jack Taylor of Steamboat Springs will be going back to the state Legislature, this time as a senator.

Native son wins county seat

Doug Monger newest commissioner after defeating Republican John Shaw

Routt County has called on native rancher Doug Monger to fill the position of outgoing County Commissioner Ben Beall.

Presidency hangs on recount

Florida too close to call

The 2000 presidential race was as tight as many pundits and polls indicated it would be. The outcome now hinges on a recount in Florida, which means America may not know who will be the next president for another day.