It's 'Good' bye to Winter Sports Club

Development director resigns


— Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club Executive Director Rick DeVos said he was still a little shocked Wednesday afternoon by the news that Jeff Good, the club's director of marketing and public relations, is resigning.

Good, who joined the club last September, announced his plans last week. He is leaving to pursue a business arrangement with his wife, Nancy. DeVos said Good will continue to work with the club until his contract ends on July 1.

"I was a little surprised this came so soon," DeVos said. "But, Jeff is a very motivated and aggressive person, so I didn't see him staying with the club long term."

Good said his personal business interests are the only reason for his departure from the club. Last fall, shortly after taking his marketing and public relations position, he and his wife started a company called Good Dynamics. Their business offers second-home care, property management and administrative services.

"Good Dynamics is a business that she and I really believe in. To make it fly, I have to do it full time," Good said.

Over the course of the winter, Good said he began to feel pulled between the Winter Sports Club, Good Dynamics and his family. While he said he met several of his goals during the year, Good feared he could no longer give 100 percent to any single venture. He also felt his work would eventually suffer as he tried to maintain his hectic schedule.

The Winter Sports Club hosted more than 60 competitions last winter as well as its annual ski swap, Ski Ball and Winter Carnival.

"I believe in the Winter Sports Club 100 percent," Good said. "This club is where I started my skiing career and, most important, formed the foundation from which I have built my life. The club is an awesome experience for everyone involved and a vital part of this community."

Ironically, it was improving the club's image in the community that was one of his highest priorities over the past year. Good said that after 80 years in the community, there were many misconceptions about the club. Over the past year, however, more people have started to see the club in a different light, he said. He credits the coaching staff, volunteers, Winter Sports Club staff, and DeVos with making huge strides in this area.

"I think we re-exposed a lot of people to what the club was all about," Good said. "This is a very unique club in any community. I can't think of any other club that encompasses so many different disciplines and helps some many young people. When I returned to the Winter Sports Club last summer, it was an awesome opportunity for me to give back to the community and to the club that launched my career in skiing. I've enjoyed every minute of the last year and I've been incredibly fortunate to work with a great staff. The volunteers, committees and sponsors that we worked with were open to our ideas and very energized for the club's benefit."

DeVos said he was saddened and caught a little off- guard by Good's announcement. DeVos said Good's position with the club will not be immediately filled. The director plans on spending some time investigating exactly what the position might entail in the future before making a decision."

"The position has been constantly evolving since Jeff took it," DeVos said. "So now we need to determine exactly what it is that we need to remain at the top in the future."

Good was the club's first marketing and public relations person. DeVos said the responsibilities of that position may change slightly before someone else is hired.

"We were fortunate that he was available for our transition year," DeVos said. "His energy and leadership in shaping and planning our marketing, public relations, fundraising and special events has laid the groundwork for the future of the club. We are now poised to renew our efforts for the endowment programs as well as opening the alpine slide. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and wish him well with his new endeavor."

Good expects to someday return to the club as a volunteer.

"Rick DeVos is a great executive director. In his first season the club had one of its best years ever in athletics, community relations and professionalism," Good said. "We all realize that it is an honor to be a caretaker of the Winter Sports Club tradition. The support the club receives from the community and the Steamboat Ski Area is phenomenal. The future will bring even better programs and opportunities for participation."

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