Construction company pleads not guilty to erosion-control violations


— A construction company owner cited for violating the city's erosion-control laws pleaded not guilty in municipal court Wednesday.

The city planning department issued Fred Duckels, owner of Duckels Construction Inc., three tickets in April for soil erosion control problems at the company's Long View subdivision construction site.

No citations have been issued since then, city and county construction site inspector Sandy Fiebing said.

"After the melting of our sudden six inches of snow in mid-April, I issued Duckels another warning. I inspected the Long View site again and found that a lot of mud was running off into the drainage ditches," Fiebing said.

Duckels immediately returned to the site and filled the ditches with rock to prevent further erosion, Fiebing added.

The drainage ditches eventually empty into the Fox Creek Park's seasonal stream, which then empties into the Yampa.

"I did a turbidity test in this drainage system, and the sediment levels were so high beyond the permissible levels that they were not even measurable," Fiebing said.

Duckels will receive a court date to take the case to trial.

"I think this case is way too complicated for municipal court," Duckels said. "I tried numerous times to talk with Sandy Fiebing about this, and with her supervisor, but no one ever returned my calls. So I guess we'll do it this way," he said.

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