CDOT still studying Steamboat II stoplight


— A proposed traffic signal at the intersection of U.S. 40 and Steamboat II still has the green light, said Bill Haight, transportation commissioner.
"I've warned everybody up there (Steamboat II residents) that this doesn't happen rapidly, but I don't know of any problems with the project," Haight said. "It's not something that they can do overnight."
Haight believes that there shouldn't be a problem with getting a light at the intersection by the time school starts in the fall. Whether the light will be a full-fledged stoplight or a temporary flashing light still is undecided.
"At least flashing lights will be up by the time school starts," said Jim Nall, the Region 3 traffic manager.
The Colorado Department of Transportation and Haight are cooperatively trying to work with the subdivisions and their restrictions, along with coordinating the economic roles of all the parties involved, Haight said.
"I think the safety issues will be taken care of by the time school starts," Haight said. "We want to provide for the safety of the area and the mobility of the traffic. Everything is going through a bureaucracy and I don't know of any hitches in the process."
Steamboat II resident Eve Bevill is outraged that there still isn't a light at the intersection she describes as horrible and dangerous. Bevill is concerned that there hasn't been any progress in the area and she said that she was under the impression that a stoplight was to be added to the intersection by June.
"If a light were here, people would slow down," Bevill said. "Nobody drives 50 mph. Nobody."
Within the next three weeks, the Colorado Department of Transportation will send out a crew to conduct a third traffic study at the U.S. 40 and Steamboat II intersection, Nall said. Prior to consideration of any signal, CDOT has to do a "warrant survey" to determine if traffic is heavy enough to require a light, Nall said. Two previous surveys done within the last year and a half in the area didn't meet warrant.
"If signal warrants don't meet, there's nothing I can do," Nall said. "As soon as we meet warrant than I can open up to discuss. Until then, I'm not sure of the time frame (of getting a stoplight.)"
In response to continuous growth in Steamboat II, the CDOT will do a warrant survey in the next three weeks and a follow up survey will be conducted when school starts. Along with testing traffic patterns, the warrant surveys include any accident history in the surveyed area.
"It's important to note it's not just U.S. 40, but side streets need to be taken into consideration," Nall said.

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